People Watching… putting people into boxes


I love to people watch! And, there is some good people watching to be had in Las Vegas. There is a diverse crowd of people who are attracted to the lights like a moth to a flame.  It is definitely a spectators sport!

There are impersonators, working girls, old and young, rich and poor, gamblers, partiers, sightseers, foreigners, and locals. Every race, religion, and sexual orientation is represented in the crowds. As if the sights, sounds, and smells of Las Vegas aren’t overwhelming enough… the people you watch can over stimulate your senses. They are a sight to see.

As I people watched in Las Vegas, I judged a bit. Okay maybe judge isn’t the right action…categorized is more accurate. My OCD of organization even spills into the act of people watching. I put these strangers into the shoe boxes in my mind… I organize them… I sort them out… I made differentiations between them… I am giving order to the chaos.

But, really… ultimately what I am doing is defining who I am by reducing them to who I think they are. In categorizing as I people watch I say that I am not like them so they go in this box. Or, I am kind of like them so they fit nicely in that box. Or, they are so different from therefore they go in a box all the way over there.

One thing I am working on doing is forming new boxes. These boxes are much bigger than my original shoe boxes. They are like a Rubbermaid box… big, flexible, durable, and the lid goes on and off so easily. I am trying to transfer people into this box. Transfers require a lot of paperwork and negotiating… but the process is getting easier on me. This new box is the “They are different from me but that’s okay… different is good… different doesn’t mean wrong just different… and, maybe we really aren’t THAT different after all.” Yeah, it is a long title. But, nothing short of that will do.

So, as I people watch or evaluate people in my life I am narrowing down my boxes… I am re-organizing my categories… instead of differences I am trying to see some similarities. Because really… we are all alike… we want to be loved, accepted, and we want to belong.

I love to see the sights of people walking by… I invite them into my new and improved bigger box. 

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