People - You Rock

An American corn snake was found laying in the road by an Aberdeenshire town, Scotland by a woman out walking her dog. Thinking it to be a discarded child’s toy she picked it up. It moved. (Author's note: That would have been scream, chuck it in the bushes time for me).  She enlisted the help of a passing cab driver who took it to a local vet who is caring for it. (Author's question: I wonder where he put it to transport it. Cab driver to next customer "don't mind the slime mam' the yankee snake did it." She: "Uh huh I will wait for the next cab thanks".) 

Thirty dolphins beached themselves on the Rio de Janeiro coastline. Beach goers rushed into the water, grabbed the dolphins by their tails and dragged them to deeper water. As they swam away the humans cheered. It seems all thirty dolphins were rescued. The video of it has gone viral.

What do a lost American snake in Scotland and beached dolphins in Brazil have in common? Humans who care. In the midst of so much bad news, terrifying images, fear over the future I thought you might like to know, most people still rock.


With thanks to Merlin73 of morguefile for the photograph.


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