Peppermint Bark: Great Recipe for Kids

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Do any of you have The Mother's Almanac? Is it a new version or an old one? My version provides age level advice for various activities and stages by using phrases like "great for a four" or "perfect for a two", it was a nice book way back in the old days when I was a mom of young children. It has a recipe for Butterscotch Crunch that's a lot like a bark, so phrases like "great for a three" and "only a six" run through my head any time I see a bark recipe like this one.

I made that Butterscotch Crunch with my kids a lot. It's an easy recipe and there are a lot of tasks that are perfect for kids from 3-9. They particularly liked breaking the candy when it was cool and I'm pretty sure they'd have loved to crunch peppermints for Peppermint Bark. There's nothing better than breaking candy with a mallet. Or a hammer, which is what my daughter preferred to use for the Butterscotch Crunch.

Do you make candy with your kids? What are their favorite candy recipes?

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