Peppermint Swirl Double Fudge Brownies (Optional: Adorable Spoon-Licking Toddler)

peppermint brownies   If you love mint chocolate chip ice cream, or peppermint york patties, or candy canes, or perfectly chewy brownies, or buttercream birthday cake icing, or chocolate in general - ok, basically if you are breathing, you will most likely love these brownies. We actually had these for Thanksgiving, and I may or may not be eating the last leftover bite as I type this, but hey who is counting dates? All is fair in the game of sweets. Pumpkin pie in July? Why not. Coconut rum drinks in October? Yes, please. Holiday brownies before December? What a rebel I have become.

(Plus, here in South Florida we get a very small window of "winter" - so when temps dipped below 50 briefly the day before Thanksgiving, I went into full holiday spirit mode - we even decorated our tree and house.) Oh and if you're wondering how I found time for all of this, I cheated this year for turkey dinner. I ordered it pre-cooked from Publix. Yes, I know, how un-homemade of me. Life goes on and it's better when sometimes, someone else roasts a big juicy bird for you, with minimal dishes requirements. brownie So one holiday down, Black Friday thankfully over (and spent curled in my pajamas avoiding crowds) -As we begin to move our little countdown calendar closer to the 25th tonight, we are officially full-speed ahead into the month of candy canes and holly jolly carols. These festive little treats are just perfect to kick off the season. Note: Adorable toddler licking your peppermint buttercream frosting from the beaters is optional, of course. Some people, I hear, have these machines called dishwashers that apparently do the job better.   peppermint brownie collage [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:5]


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