Do you ladies listen to Craig Armstrong' music ?? I recently watched the movie "Love Actually" and I just loved the movies soundtrack . I checked on Youtube looking for the composer , and that is how I found about Craig Armstrong . He just makes perfect music , doesn't he ?? Right now I'm listening to one of his stupendous pieces , " Gentle Piece ." I'm definitely feeling so darn heavenly . 

I'm clearly not writing about what I'm supposed to be working on right now . Well , I've been journaling for the past 4 years of my life . I finish diary after diary , and right now I'm on my fourth diary . My diaries are pretty huge actually . You know , in a way I found my love for writing only through journaling . But , after all these four years , I never took time to take a look back at the old diaries . I never thought of looking back at my first page , but I knew I'm always gonna keep them close to me because , it has got the real face of my past . 

Two days back I kinda had  this aching need for some nostalgia , and felt this unquenchable thirst to go up to my room , open my closet , take out my diaries , and just go through them. You know , just like that , giving a rough look . It started with this little intention to read my old diaries , and I ended up holding them in my hands and reading them for 3 hours or so . What did I learn and what did I find from looking back at those diaries ?? Well , there were certain general and exciting stuffs of course .I mean , I have grown immensely as a writer , I was left tearing up when I found the pages of me being heart broken a thousand times , when I came through the pages of my long lost relationship I felt this big thud in my heart . Reading all those memories of my friends , times spent laughing at the cafes , and inside the classrooms , the times we were punished , all this just gave me this amazing feeling - I really can't put it into words . But , above all this , there is this one thing that definitely made me feel so proud about myself , and that made me cry for real . And that is , I have grown so much , just so , so much as a person . As a girl , and now as a woman . I have just grown so much through all those heartbreaks , and nervous breakdowns , and through every single thought that entered my mind , through every single book I've read , through all those laughter's , and through all those music I've listened to for the past four years . I have grown so much , and at that moment I felt this new found respect for myself . 

If anybody reads my diary , they will not find a war heroine , or the story of a drug addict , or the story of a girl who went through bullying and torture or thea of a traveler . But , does it mean that diaries with only these kinda stories will be interesting to look back ?? Certainly not . If I should say it terms of music , my diaries are some of the best melodies , with sad heartbroken rock songs , and definitely some sultry jazz which shows my power as a woman . 

Starting to journal four years back , is undoubtedly one of the best gifts I have given myself . Last night I realized something- you don't have to be some sort of a legend with a legendary background , living a legendary life to keep a journal . You just need one thing - Life . And you having that , every life is definitely worth recording . Every little smiles , every little successes , every big failure , every good , every bad , all these are definitely worth recording . Your life might not be something special for anybody else , but it is special to you , isn't it ?? 

After all , it's your life , and you are not gonna make it boring by living a life on one single phase every single year . So much has happened , so much is yet to happen , soo much is gonna happen every single day . So , develop the practice of journaling . Years from now , when you look back , you will not regret it . 


Thank you for reading my post .  I hope you liked it . 

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