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The Perfect Bowl Of Lunch

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People are always asking me what I eat  during the course of the day.  I thought I would start sharing some of my go-to meals with you.  I love to eat lunch in my kitchen.  If at all possible, I will come home from wherever I am and make myself lunch. This lunch bowl is my favorite thing to have for lunch.  When I come home from the market, my rule is that I have to wash and/or cook a lot of vegetables before I put them in the fridge.  Because of that, this lunch bowl is an easy go-to meal for me.

I vary the contents depending on what I have in the fridge at the time, but it always contains a lot of greens, some cooked veggies, nuts or seeds and fruit. I like a good variety of textures and flavors. As a rule of thumb, the largest percentage in the bowl is made up of dark greens. I always include something crunchy and something sweet. I also like something warm to play against all of the cool greens. Sometimes I’ll make a vinaigrette or sometimes I’ll just squeeze a lemon on top and drizzle a good oil over it all with a sprinkle of sea salt. It’s always healthy and it’s always delicious.

This particular bowl contained spinach and mache for the leafy greens. I also used some mustard micro greens. I buy whatever micro greens are available at the market. Micro greens have all of the nutrition of the larger variety, but they have even more concentrated nutrients. Also, they are just plain pretty. When I was in cooking school, we used them to garnish plates; now, I use them for the great nutritional punch they pack.

I almost always use something red in my salad. As a general rule, red foods help nourish the blood. Beets help calm the mind, soothe irritability and help relieve constipation. Pomegranate seeds are good if you are experiencing diarrhea and they are good for anemia.

So, here’s how I built this bowl…

First I added my leafy greens. This is mache…
mache and arugula bowl

I also had baby spinach in the fridge…
baby spinach raw bag

At the market I found this beautiful white eggplant. I sliced it up and roasted it in the oven with just a touch of sea salt. I roasted all 3 of them and then put the slices in a container in the fridge to use for the rest of the week…
white eggplants whole

I cut up a head of broccoli and I roasted both the stems and the florets…
roasted broccoli florets and stems

These are red mustard micro greens. I buy different varieties of these little beauties every week…
mustard micro greens

Sliced cooked beets. These are actually pre-cooked organic beets…
red beets sliced and oiled bowl

And pomegranate seeds…
pomegranate seeds

A few tablespoons of hummus and some sun-dried tomatoes went in next along with some pickle chips…
pickle chips jar and out

And a few walnuts…
walnuts (not pecans)

Then, I drizzled on some blood orange infused olive oil, coarse sea salt, and fresh lemon juice…

This is truly a great lunch!

The Perfect Bowl Of Lunch

Here’s the list of ingredients for this bowl. Have fun with it… add it whatever you like and take out what you don’t. There are no exact measurements, just do what makes you happy…

mache lettuce
baby spinach
broccoli florets and sliced stems, roasted
eggplant, sliced and roasted
pomegranate seeds
cooked beets, sliced
pickle chips
extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil or grape seed oil
fresh lemon juice
coarse sea salt

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