Perfect Potty Training Camp

Have you ever heard a story and you’re not quite sure what to make of it?  You  know, should you laugh?  Or, should you think it is kind of sad?  Or, think, wow, that is kind of genius?   Or a little of all?

Well, let me know what you think after you read the story below. I won’t say how I feel!!

A young, lovely married couple with two young children working hard to make it in the world are the subject of the story.  They live in the Windy City, Chicago! Both have great jobs!!  Actually, many of us would say they have ‘careers’.   They love what they do!! Oh, and they both make a very good living!!  Life is good!!  In addition, they have been blessed with two beautiful children and they had their children fairly young, in today’s standards and close together.  Dad and Mom are only in their early thirties and they have a Three and half and a Two and half  year old.  This couple has been able to put their children in a very nice daycare facility and to top things off if one of the kids get sick they have enough money to fly either Grandma into Chicago to babysit.  Now, the paternal Grandma lives a tad bit closer, only about 45 minute flight so she tends to come more often.   In addition, the paternal Grandma has ‘some money’ too so we all know she pays for some of her flights and I don’t blame her, what mother/ Grandma wouldn’t?

Well, recently, something came up and they needed  Grandma (the paternal one and for now on that is the Grandma in the story) to watch their oldest child for a week.  They asked Grandma if she would do it in her home.  Of course Grandma would, she was THRILLED.  Now, there was JUST ONE PROBLEM.  The little one was not POTTY trained.  Grandma was NOT HAPPY about this little fact.  See, a child that is almost 4 and not your own, well, it is hard to change those diapers.  I mean, this child is eating regular food and just think about those diapers?  Yeah, those are some STINKY diapers!

So, what did Grandma do?  Grandma bought herself a potty chair, big boy pants and she trained her grandson!!  Oh,Grandma was SO PROUD of herself and HER GRANDSON!! Grandma bragged how he did not need pullups and he had no accidents AND she trained him EASILY in two days AND that her SMART little GRANDSON had it down pat by the end of the WEEK.  She was thrilled.  BUT, Grandma explained that the first two days was SPENT concentrating on POTTY TRAINING and she really focused on it for the week.

Now, when her Grandson went home what do you think happened?  The parents were THRILLED!!  They called and thanked her and it turned out they were going to save money because he moved to a different ‘room’ at the day care center and they just GUSHED with THANKS!!!

Then, a month or two later she gets another call!!  Her son began explaining that their second child who is over two, well, now rounding three thinks it is so cool that his older brother is going potty and is showing interest in using the potty himself.  Grandma, says, “That is great, are you going to start potty training?”   Her son answers, “Well, we thought since you did such a great job with BLANK that it would be great if we sent BLANKIE to you for a week and you did it again and you would also have a week with BLANKIE.  Oh, and then BLANKIE would move into the different ‘room’ at the daycare center and be with his brother and we would save even more money.”

Now, talk about the Perfect Potty Training Camp!!

So, what do you think?? Are they shirking their parenting duties, or are they smarter than the rest of us?  LOL

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