Perfect Timing

Three, two, one... I slowly opened my eyes.

Silent prayers rushed out of my dry lips as I reluctantly lowered my gaze to the stick that was tightly held in my right hand.

But I'm not ready, God.

His laughter was loud and clear in my ears.

Are You mocking me, God?

I heard Him chuckled.  Oh Sweaty, you plan too much.

A sense of dread came over me.  It was as if I knew then that I would not get what I wished for.  Not this time.

My timing is always perfect.

I rolled my eyes.  What I really wanted to do was point my finger and stuck my tongue out at God, and threw a tantrum fit or two.

See, God, I'm so not cut out for this...  Look at how immature I am.  I can barely take care of myself!

Nice try, Sweaty.

Ugh.  Honestly, the Old Man was just to darn smart sometimes.

It really is happening, isn't it, God?  No changing Your mind at the last minute?

Why don't you take a look and see for yourself?

With one last deep sigh, I finally relented.  I already knew even before I saw it.

A positive sign.

It blurred in and out of my sight as tears flooded my eyes and poured down my cheeks.

I'm pregnant.

I threw the test stick hard on the floor.  My last act of defiance.  I sat down at the corner of the bathroom, drawing my knees close to my chest and started bawling.

This is a mistake!  You're gonna regret this, God!  Just wait and see!!

This time He did not reply.

31 weeks later, my daughter was born.  She was the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Yes,  God, Your timing was perfect.  It always is.


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