Perfectionism, Procrastination, Expectations...

Eeee Gad...I lost a follower. I was so happy to have 75 now 74...oh well...

Been a bit sick this week with a throat infection or something. Wake up every morning with frogs croaking in my throat and feeling pretty rotten for a few hours then better. Think it is a viral thing as no fever just throat stuff.

 The theme on NaBloPoMo the past month has been about starting and finishing "stuff". Actually, I have not liked any of the prompts to write about this month, but thought I would explore starting and finishing in general, when dealing with me. Another word I think I would associate with this is procrastination or procrastinator, ME. I have always had an issue with finishing something I start. That is a battle extraordinaire with me. When I was in high school I started a crocheted blanket but had to absolutely force myself to finish it. I even have quilt strips that I started when 17 that are still in strips, but I've made another quilt, that was more, perfect. Actually, on that front I have discovered that if I don't think I've been sort of perfect on a project, then it does not get finished, i.e. the quilt strips. I thought I might border a bit on perfectionism which came to light when I started the painting class. The painting has helped me deal with that little quirk and now I find that if I don't think my painting is perfect or near, then I can't finish it or I actually hate the painting. Hmmm, really never thought of myself as a perfectionist and always accused The Hubby of it and me not able to live up to the expectation but in reality it is my own expectations that I have a hard time living up to. Wow, insight at the age of 55. You actually still learn a lot about yourself, forever.


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