Perfectionist? How's That Working For You?

photo from hairbrainedschemes on etsy (click on image to purchase)

photo from hairbrainedschemes on etsy
(click on image to purchase)

Remember Sonic the Hedgehog?  I used to LOVE that video game!  It was the last video game I ever really loved...after that, video games became waaaay too complicated for me.  Anywho, I loved that game because it was not only fun but it was challenging, and I'm proud to say I beat the game eventually (you care...:)).  So, why am I bringing up video games, you ask?

 Title screen from Sonic the Hedgehog, the firs... Title screen from Sonic the Hedgehog,
the first game in the Sonic franchise.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I was speaking with a client the other day, and the analogy came to me about how we welcome obstacles and challenges in video games...but we sometimes act shocked when they come our way in real life.  I mean, think about how NOT fun a video game would be if it were super easy and didn't take much to win?  In reality, the more difficult, the more we love it and the more of a thrill we get when we advance.  Why don't we have this same attitude toward life?  I get it, we're not an avatar...and life can't necessarily be oversimplified so easily.

But, I say this to say that sometimes we take life a little too seriously.  We try to be perfect to AVOID obstacles when it's going to happen anyway.  That's what makes life interesting and exciting!  Life would be pretty dull if everyday went according to schedule.  We hate to admit this, but it's true.  We even avoid starting something because we're so sure that it's not going to turn out right, or that we're going to mess it up.  We sometimes set the most unrealistic expectations for ourselves and then sabotage our efforts out of fear.  So, relax.  Life is not about being perfect, it's about how well you're able to bounce back when life knocks you down.  It's about allowing your circumstances to be a source of strength and growth.  It's about having fun in the midst of chaos and learning to have a sense of humor when things don't happen as perfectly as we'd planned.

So, get out there and start that project!  No, things are not going to go as planned.  Yes, you're going to make mistakes.  But I promise you it will be fun if you're open to seeing it that way.  Enjoy the journey toward your goals and try not to be so uptight.  It doesn't have to be hard unless you make it that way. ___________________________________________

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Coach Tiko


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Coach Tikoshia M. Davis, CLC
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