The Perils of a Food Taster


Adolf Hitler and mistress Eva Braun enjoying a meal.

Adolf Hitler and mistress Eva Braun enjoying a meal.

At the end of her life, Margot Woelk has decided to tell her incredible story as a young woman who was Adolf Hitler’s food taster.

During the final years of World War II, the fear of being poisoned forced Margot, along with 14 other girls, to sample Hitler’s food before he ate it. The vegetarian leader never ate meat and the food included the best vegetables available at the time, along with rice and pasta. Margot spent two and a half years at the “Wolf’s Lair,” the Fuhrer’s command center during the war, thinking that every bite she took would be her last.

After the Soviet army went on the offensive, she went into hiding in Berlin only to be kidnapped and raped for two weeks before she escaped. She later found out that the other girls were shot by the Russians.

Her husband returned after the war and like millions of other Germans, she began rebuilding her life and trying to forget her shame associated with a criminal regime that had destroyed much of Europe. Now at 95, she’s telling her story hoping to shake off those memories that haunt her in the night.