perky cups

Over the weekend, we visited an Aurora coffee shop called "Perky Cups".  We weren't sure what to expect, and whether this was really one of those bikini coffee shops. 

It was decorated exactly like Peaberry Coffee, and was an altogether normal coffee purchasing experience except for one thing: the barista was sans shirt.  She had a summer bikini on. We were wearing coats and clothes, and she was not.  She spoke a bit louder than necessary, and asked us what we'd like.  I ordered an extra large hazelnut latte (I refused to order size 'D') and he ordered a small chai (size 'A').  I asked her how business was, and she said it had been picking up lately.  We pretended very hard that she was not under dressed. 

She wasn't scandalous.  Her clothing was merely out of context, which made it more uncomfortable for me than sensual or even interesting. 

The most uncomfortable thing, I think, is that I felt as though I was supposed to look, and that she was getting paid to be looked at.  Yet we were in a coffee shop!  How could I look-- I wouldn't check out the breasts of a clothed coffee shop woman, and what's any different about this? 

The barista was being objectified merely by working at Perky Cups.  But she has a job, and that's good for her.  I looked up the shop online, and found an article where the owner describes himself as "Chief Bikini Inspector". Ick.

Besides ourselves, there was one other patron.  He was an older, gruff looking man reading the newspaper with his back turned toward the counter. 

As we left, two high school boys entered and quickly left with what appeared to be an application for employment.  They giggled and smacked one another as they walked through the parking lot. 

The barista was the only employee working that day.  I worry about her safety.

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