Person of Interest: The Endgame - Finale

From the beginning to the finale, Person of Interest has been taking us on an amazing ride! We've seen HR and it's many associates, we've seen Quinn taken down for his crimes and his biggest enemy, Joss Carter taking him down and then losing her life in the fight. 

From the start, we knew that Carter was going to end up winning the war. We just weren't sure how tough the battles were going to be. We knew that HR wasn't giving up without a fight and as expected, they delivered. But, Good always outweigh the Bad. Carter proved that if you stick true to what you say you're going to do, you can feel a strong validation when you achieve it. And of course, we also knew that John Reese wasn't going to let her fight it alone. 

John and Joss, (How funny is that? Both of their names start with the name letter!) were and are perfect for each other. Joss is the perfect contrast to John. Joss, being on the right side of the law, saw something profound and interesting in John. She knew that there was good in thre, or else he wouldn't have tried and succeeded in saving her life. From that point on, one of the greatest duos in TV history was born. John, being army trained and skillful in his abilities not only to track down people, but to save them, was like a human superhero to Joss. She became amazed at his abilities and she knew that she could always count on him.

John felt the same way about Joss. He knew that she would always stand up for what's right and she wouldn't lose herself in the hype. That at the end of the day, all she wanted to do, was save lives, keep the criminals out of streets and put away the bad guys. But, how interesting it became to her, the number one bad guy she was chasing, would end being one of strongest allies and a Man, that could win her heart.

The first episode, she was determined to take down HR alone. But, when John found out what she was doing and the way she was doing it, all he wanted to do, was be by her side and protect her. My favortie part of the episode, was when he shot through the glass and came through to help her! How cool was he in that scene!!! Not even saying anything and he just took that seen to another level! Then, of course, the second. When he told her that she changed him and planted that sweet and adorably romantic kiss on her! Thne, losing her in such a way, drove him to distraction and destruction in the finale.

After being shot in the second, he refused help! The only thing he wanted to do, was find the man that took his heart away from him. And he seemed as if , he wouldn't have cared if he died in the process. Just as long as he brought the Man to justice. He almost succeeded. But, first things first.

Shaw told Finch that they needed Root to find John and the dirty cop. Finch was worried. Because he thought for sure that she would run away, if she got free. But, he reluctantly did it, because he knew that was their only option. Of course, thet released her and the hunt was on!

Root began doing her thing and through an earpiece, the machine began talking to her. With the help of "her", as Root refers to the machine, they found where Quinn was being kept in secret. They knew that Reese had to be there. Root asked Shaw for a gun and of course, Shaw didn't want to give her one. But, Finch reassured her that if Root wanted to kill them, she'd plenty of opportunities to do it before. So, Shaw reluctantly gave Root a gun and then Root asked for a second one. Shaw gave her one and Root knew exactly what was going to happen. The machine told her, that the Russian mob was coming. Root walked ever so confidently to the side door and shot both guns simultaneously. Killing them! Boy, was that something to see. I wouldn't want that girl in a dark alley, a lit alley, or anywhere for that matter. Anyway, they found Reese holding the gun on Quinn, when Finch walked in.

Finch told him that Carter wouldn't want him to do this. That she gave it all to see Quinn in jail. To pay for his crimes. That Joss wouldn't want him to do this. She was aout doing things the right way. Then, John dropped to the ground as he'd been bleeding heavily from the gunshot wound on his shoulder, when Carter was shot.  Finch, Shaw and Root picked John up and took him to get help and saved his life. Fusco stayed with Quinn to make sure that he'd get locked up by the FBI.  After they picked up Quinn, Fusco looked down and saw a piece of paper. It was where Quinn wrote down the address of his right hand man's whereabouts, while at gunpoint from Reese. Quinn asked Reese if he was threatening to kill him. And Reese told him, I don't make threats saying I going to kill you. I'm going to kill you! (Only Mr. Caviezel could say a line that, in such a cool and serious way and still look handsome, right?)

Fusco looked down at the paper picked it up and headed to where the guy was. Meanwhile, in the car with Finch, John, Shaw and Root driving, (Yes, Root was driving! Crazy weird, right?) Shaw said I can't believe that we're going to let him get away. Finch said, We've already lost one friend. I don't intend on losing another. Then Root said, we're not the only the ones whose after him! Just then, Finch gave her a look that I had when I heard her say that. That's when Fusco found the paper. Fusco went and found the guy. The dirty cop started taunting him, aksing what was he going to do. Fusco put his fists up and they began to fight. For a while, the dirty cop was besting Fusco. But, when Fusco got down, I think that that he thought about Carter. Then, Fusco came back. Hard! Fusco got him and down began to talk to him. Fusco told him that Carter changed him. That was a time when he would've been able to kill and not feel it. But, Carter helped him realized that he become a good cop again. That he didn't have to settle a bad life. That he could back up and do better. Then, Fusco arrested him and brought him in.

John got the help the he needed and will be fine. The dirty cop...well....

Alias found him. And told him about Carter. He was telling him how he himself and the dirty cop was alike in ways. But, Carter was good at doind what was right. Alias told him that he offered to kill him many times, but each time, Carter refused. Then Alias said, I don't think Carter liked me, but I liked her. And you killed her! The dirty cop asked him, so what does that mean, Alias? You're going to kill me now? Then, Alias laughed and told him, No. My friend is going to kill you and I'm just going to watch. At that point, the cockiness left the dirty cop and that's when Alais' right hand man came around the corner with a leather strap or something and choked him.

 This has been an amazing trio of episodes. I am sure that if this was a movie, it would have been a blockbuster! I am so proud of all of the actors and their talents. They have done an amazing job! 

The rest of the season is going to be fascinating as well! 


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