Personal Branding Tips for Recent Grads & Career Transitioning Brandistas

In today’s marketplace brandistas are required to stand out and make strong personal branding impressions with hiring executives.

Days of good grades, playing sports and being active in extracurricular activities as security to land a position in your industry are times of the past. To be remembered and separate yourself from other candidates that meet the qualifications of the position you want requires the marketing of brand you. Yes, you've got it.  Personal branding 101 requires a brandista to market herself in person, on paper and online. Brandistas, own and direct your personal brand: create a competitive marketing toolkit for your career goals.
Brandistas, your personal brand is your unique abilities, strength, personality and reputation packaged and promoted. It is the essence of who you are and how you interact with people, and most important, it is how people feel once you've connected with them. Your personal brand is your unique promise of value, the value and experience your employer and the people you interact with expect to always receive from you.  A key to remember in developing your personal brand to enhance your career options is, always remain cognizant of promoting your best, most prepared and polished self.

Where do you begin? Ponder the following:

  • What are my talents, skills and strengths?
  • What career path allows me to use these passions, talents, skills and strengths?
  • What do I get complimented on often or is known for?
  • What do I feel I do better or more efficient than others?
  • What would I be doing if there were no limitations before me?
Now, create your elevator pitch, update your resume and bio to match your personal brand goals, and  make sure your online footprint is one your future employer will find appropriate. Lastly, get passionate and busy marketing 'brand you.’

Courtney Rhodes| Founder


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