Personal: Grief, Loss, Tragedy and Community on the Internet

How do you blog your deepest losses? How do you help when your blogging friend goes through something unimaginable? What happens when it’s not all rainbows and helpful unicorns? When you get both positive and negative attention? How do you deal with grief, loss and tragedy in a public, naked way? How do you walk the line between grieving, and not becoming defined by your loss? Moderated by Cecily Kellogg, whose grief was and continues to be politicized because she was forced to terminate her twins at 22 weeks, in order to save her own life; Loralee Choate, who blogged about her grief and deep depression after her infant son suddenly died; Kim Trimble, a Katrina refugee who lost her husband and her father within nine months of one another, and uses her blog to keep their memories alive; and Peter and Anissa Mayhew, who used Anissa's blog as a vehicle for communicating family needs and updating Anissa's community on her progress after her stroke.