Personal Space Please

What the heck is wrong with some people?

I realize this is a bit of a broad question. A question, that if you are like me, elicits a giant list. A list that continually grows. And, unlike my other lists (to-do lists and such), nothing ever gets checked off or scratched off. Instead, it just grows, festers, and becomes this utterly annoying list that serves no purpose. Sound familiar?

For now, just to stay on point, let's ignore that disaster and instead talk about my number one annoyance. The one thing that made me ask that ambiguous question in the first place.

Not that long ago, I was standing in a long, crowded line of people. Waiting to make my way an elevator. Not just any elevator, but an elevator which will raise me 520 feet into the air, where I will then exit and have a fantastic view of the city of Seattle. Yes, you guessed it. I was at the Space Needle, ready and excited to get to the top as it had been years since I previously visited here.

However, as spectacular as the Space Needle is, it was the waiting in the line that made me want to run for the hills and see the view from there instead. No, it wasn't that the line was long, although it was. In fact that didn't bother me at all. I had great company in my husband and we could have easily passed the time. So the length was of no concern to me. It was the man behind me who apparently was never taught about personal space. Or maybe it just isn't something he was willing to respect as part of our culture. Either way, he quickly began to piss me off and ruin my adventure for the afternoon. Even the screaming baby in the back was tolerable compared to the annoyance that stood right behind me.

Personal space is defined as "the variable and subjective distance at which one person feels comfortable talking to another." Ugg, what I wanted the definition to say was "the variable and subjective distance at which ALL people feel comfortable BEING AROUND one another." My definition would have made it much easier to say I am right and my personal space invader is wrong. This is what makes the dictionary so frustrating at times. Kinda like when you are trying to teach your child proper grammar and you say there is no such word like "funner." Then they go to look it up and it is there. Grrrrr!!!!

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Carrie Dahle

Travel Writer 


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