Do you tell your cat your secrets?

As I type this, my cat is on the floor next to me. She is 14-years-old, in relatively good health and she still loves me. She follows me around the house when I move from room to room, she taps at me when she feels like I need to stop typing and pet her, and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to find her trying to sleep on top of me....more
Oh, I did and still do talk to my cats as though they are little humans, but even better, ...more

Monday and Tuesday on Thursday...

   Oh My Goddess, I got behind again.... You'd think since I am home all day and can't really be on my foot for too long, I'd be copacetic with ...more

DIY Dog Bed with Copper Rivets

A few months ago I bought Juniper an orthopedic, tempur-pedic dream of a dog bed…which she unzipped and ate within the first 20 minutes of being alone with it.  Word to the wise, only invest in expensive beds when your pup has grown out of adolescence!  I plan on getting another one eventually, but decided to whip up a less expensive DIY dog bed for her to enjoy and/or destroy in the meantime.Buy yourself an over-sized down filled pillow and get to it…...more

How & Why to Absolutely Love Spiders!

Arachnophobia is the most common creature-based phobia on the planet – though it clearly doesn’t bother me. For some reason I’ve always had a fascination with spiders. I don’t find them creepy, even as I peer into their four sets of eyes, or watch them scurry on their eight, sometimes hairy, legs. I see God’s creativity, and in some cases, sense of humor....more

My Love Affair

 Yesterday's photo prompt: Your Love!!!   My love belongs to so many.... From family to friends to nature to ...more

Cat Entertainment 101: From Kitten Toys To Scratching Post

My kitten is currently chewing on my laptop. And putting her on the ground with a scolding apparently equates in her tiny cat mind to a great game, because she promptly levitates off the ground and does it all over again.I have a house full of cat toys, three scratching posts, and various homemade toys as well intended to entertain this kitten (Name: Matilda Precious Baby). But the vast majority serve only as decoration. However, there are several cat toys that, once I get Matilda Precious Baby (MPB) started, she will play with. Those include the following:...more

6 Simple Ways Your Dog Can Focus Less on Food

If your dog is constantly begging for food, there is a good chance he is overweight.Even being just slightly overweight can put your dog at risk for serious medical conditions.A dog 5 lbs. over his ideal weight is at risk. (Association for Pet Obesity Prevention)We know what you’re thinking, but what am I supposed to do? I work all day, and when I come home, I’m tired.  My dog just wants food, so to keep him happy I give it to him....more

Finding Bella

Bella, a scrawny black lab mix, was the first dog I'd had since becoming an adult. She came to me after being hit by a car and subsequently having surgery to amputate one of her legs. She was friendly and energetic and good company. I loved her. ...more


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Our Kitty’s Boot Lace Incident

I’ve been pretty quiet on my blog for awhile, so it’s time to check in.Today I want to dedicate some time to a company called All About Animals....more