Pets Should Be Treated As Family, Not Objects

I have seen many people treat animals like possessions in my day, and it never gets less frustrating. Seeing a living, breathing, feeling animal being treated like a disposable object hurts me to the core. Growing up, I had a lot of pets. My dog always ran to the neighbor dog’s yard and blessed us with litter after litter of sweet little puppies....more

Why I Love The Body Shop

(This is NOT a paid endorsement but genuine gushing about great products for which I paid full price. I don't even get affiliate earnings on this - it's true love.)...more

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month – Video

According to the ASPCA, every ten seconds an animal is abused or beaten It’s so upsetting to know this stuff, but we need to help! ...more

New pet parent!

Hello ladies!...more

Obituary for a Good Dog

Tiburon Precious Castello Dunn died on February 21, 2016. She was approximately twelve years old, although little is known about her early life. She was found pregnant and sickly in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2006. She was brought to the CASPCA, where she was adopted by a pregnant volunteer named Rachel and her skeptical husband, Kevin. The SPCA staff had named her "Precious", but upon adoption her name was changed to "Tiburon"....more

Are Pet Fishes Right for Your Family??

Hello Everyone!! I'm so sorry we have not posted anything lately.  It has been an eventful couple of weeks.   If you follow us on Facebook than you already know that Ms. Bree was sick again last week.  To add to my already stressed week, my dear hubby had to have surgery as well.   ...more

My Rescue Dog

Tibby is a rescue dog. I adopted her from the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA. I rescued her.Then, she rescued me.I don't talk about it a lot. I guess I'm embarrassed, although I understand I shouldn't be ashamed. I promised myself that in this blog I would be honest. I wouldn't paint too sunny of a picture on shadowed situations.I have depression. I have for a long time. Maybe since my teens... maybe longer......more

Praying for Good-bye

I'm beginning to write this while Tibby is still breathing. She's alive, but I think it is by sure stubbornness. She doesn't want to leave me. Her body is giving up.As much as I embrace my crazy cat and dog lady side, I swore I wouldn't be some one who spent tons of money keeping a pet alive. I heard stories of people carrying their pets out to use the bathroom, and I judged the owners. Wouldn't it be more kind to put the animal down?...more