Conversations with Charlie - bathing the dog

This conversation was yesterday morning. Charlie – Moooom! You have GOT to bathe Ruby.  For real.Me – I don’t have time to bathe her today.Charlie – Then you have GOT to really really give Ruby a bath tomorrow.Me – I really really do? Why?Charlie – Ruby is stinky! She smells worse than the boys bathroom at school! It is kinda hard to argue against logic like that. ...more
Hope the pup is bathed and some freshness has entered your world!more

From the Land of Dog Eaters

Before the birth of our first child, our yellow lab Sherlock led the privileged life as the sole heir of a DINK couple. My husband fed him specially ordered never frozen raw meat. We often emerged from pet shops with $20 squeak toys that Sherlock shredded within minutes. During the week, a professional dog walker chauffeured him and a few other lucky hounds to Fort Funston, a dramatic cliffside beach on the west coast of San Francisco, where he pranced as happily as a prima ballerina....more

The Doctor is leaving... ...more

A Wanna-Be Farmer but Never a Butcher

We’d raised our beloved chickens from the time they were bright yellow little fuzzy-balls, and we kept them well fed and wholly healthy. And when the time was right we even enjoyed gathering and eating their freshly laid eggs. Rich delectableness! We also planned to enjoy cooking a variety of chicken recipes: fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, chicken on the rotisserie, flesh smothered in butter and sage. Why, the recipes we came up with were mouthwatering and endless. Alas, we quickly found out that we just couldn’t eat our beloved chickens to save our lives!...more
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Picking up the Pieces While You Pick up the Pieces

The clichés are endless…“Time heals all wounds.”“He’s in a better place now.”“You have a guardian angel.”“You’ll meet again one day.”I know I’ve used all of those when trying to console someone who lost a loved one.  But it sure sounds different when someone is saying it to me…...more

What my hamster, Fat Olivia, taught me about loss and saying goodbye

 This is was Fat Olivia. Actually, let’s talk about her in the present tense. You know, because it’s more fun and less depressing....more

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

“So, I heard back from the lady with the kittens,” I said to my husband, Marc, early in the morning three weeks ago.  “She said that I can come by this morning to look at them.  So I am going to.” Marc didn’t say anything. “Do you want to come with me?” I asked. “I don’t want to go anywhere today,” he replied.  “I still feel a little sick.  I’d rather stay home.” I didn’t say anything.  I just waited. ...more
@Darcie It is....but she doesn't seem to mind... she is so much fun!more

Dog DNA Test: Our Beagle-Hound Is a Poodle

When I finally caved and agreed TW and Elly could have a dog for their birthday last year what it really meant was they could have a dog that I liked as much, if not more, than they did and I have a thing for beagles. So while I might have agreed to another dog, (and I would have), I was leaning heavily toward something that was "beagle-like" -- and that's how we ended up with Skeeter Bess....more
@elaineR.N.  lol it's not obnoxious at all. :-)more

Recovery Room No More

It is amazing how a room in your house can take up a life of its own.   During the past few years one of our spare bedrooms did just that.  It became the “recovery room.” ...more
@HomeRearedChef Thanks... I have a feeling when Sat comes we will be fine...more

IKEA has Skeeters

My last visit to IKEA was shocking. Everything went fine until I rounded the corner in the children's section. Then I saw them.I was eyeball to snouts with cold, hard reality. In an unabashed exploitation of their pet beagle, BlogHer's Denise and T.W. apparently have sold the rights to their underage wonder dog. Popular canine persona, Skeeter Bess, has been transmogrified into a plush toy. Have these women no shame? You can imagine my concern, when I turn the corner at IKEA and was confronted with a bin of Skeeter Besses....more
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