A Love That Transcends Time

Sometimes we need to believe that the universe brings to us spirits that connect with our soul. There is no other reason for being in our life,than for the simple fact that they complete us. Whether they are here for just a moment or for a lifetime. They belong with us. And if we believe that life has no beginning or end, then we are truly blessed because their loving spirit will live within us forever. Somehow by being together, we learn to support and care for each other unconditionally....more


I recently posted on the Don't Sweat Adventure page, one of those situations that if you don't laugh you would cry!...more

That's Baloney!

Today I tried to make a bologna sandwich....more

Earthy Poochanimal


Like A Bad Neighbor, She Won't Move Out

My back yard has a wonderful kennel for my dogs when they want to play outside and enjoy the sunshine and good weather and when I want them out of my house because they are shedding the winter coats.  It is huge with six foot high walls and runs the entire width of my yard.  It also has toys, fresh water, a huge doggie house with a gigantic cedar dog bed to relax upon, and shade from many trees. ...more
@Denise We can't even have a conversation with these people.  My husband asked the woman about ...more

Teddy the Saga Continues

Poor Teddy Boy.  His neck problem has worsened again.  Suddenly on Sunday, always on a Sunday, his neck began swelling up.  I noticed that the hole the vet made to drain out the infection, started closing on Saturday.  This was not a good thing Martha. Sunday afternoon, his neck problem area was the size of a walnut shell.  I gave him a good cleaning with peroxide as per our normal routine and decided to wait until Monday morning to call the doctor then....more

7 reasons why my pugs are the best / worst

  1. Point: A pug is always there to snuggle up to you....more

Poor Teddy

Teddy my pirate shih tzu is a tough dog.  He had an abscessed lymph node this weekend.  Unfortunuately, I didn't know about it until it was ready to burst.  Tasty right?  I hope you are not queasy already.  My daughter actually discovered it on Saturday afternoon but she didn't tell anyone.  I discovered it Saturday night when I was taking him out for his nightly constitution.  ...more

Grace and Mercy!

I have been looking for a new faithful companion for some time now and have been putting it on hold for several reasons.  At first, after we found a new home for Shorty, I was waiting until I was done with the traveling that I needed to do to see my son graduate from Basic Training and then from AIT school.  He is now settled in at his first duty station and is enjoying his first taste of living on his own – well as best as you can when you are in the Army.  I must say I am a very proud Mom!!  He is doing great!! ...more

My aversion to pets

Someone asked me the other day why I don't have any pets. Will I let Aubrey have one when she gets older?  I hesitated.  I got the "what?  you don't love animals?" look.  But then I told them my story.  It's one of life lessons I will never forget. ...more
Ha! I love the name you came up with!  I don't blame you for not getting anymore guinea ...more