Should Your Pets Observe Bedtime?

Should your pet have a "bedtime"? Is it good to allow him to sleep in your bed? Do you let him in once he starts whining at the door during bedtime? These are all questions every pet owner wants to answer.It's such a universal query that even USA Today made an effort to ask (and answer) the question. But every pet parent knows that bedtime routines with our precious furballs are rarely, if ever, actually routine. That's our doggie, sleeping on - you guessed it - my pillow.Like our human children, our “fur kids” have minds and moods of their own.  Despite our best efforts, we often find ourselves at their furry whim rather than running the show when the sun goes down....more

For Rats, Pet Waste Is The Breakfast of Champions

Pet waste may be a gross and unsightly mess nobody enjoys picking up, but that’s not all. In developed areas, doggie deposits left on the ground can also serve as a steady, abundant food source for rats and other rodents....more

Finding Gratitude in Cold Places

These things make for a raw start to the day. Going to bed wondering if the puddle forming beneath the boiler in the basement might turn out to be more troublesome than we think. ...more

Rooster the Cat Saves the Day

Well I’ve just finished a blog about self-publishing where I point out that I might not be an author at all if little ones like my sweet pussycat hadn’t kept getting me up at the crack of dawn all these years, which moves me to also tell you about the day Rooster may have saved my husband’s life. We saved her when she first came to us, and then she returned the favor—probably because we were drawn together by the power of love....more

Days 16 & 17: The Dog Days of November

November 17, 2013 · by Kelly Belmonte · in Friendship ·Edit...more
Denise Thanks, Denise!more


Bub, Duke, Honey, and Jo Jo

 Eler Beth and I were talking recently about pets, and I was trying to remember when was the earliest I could recall having a pet, or the earliest pets I could remember. ...more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Every day, when I get home from wherever I’ve been, I follow a few steps.  I grab the mail, walk through the front door of my house, dropping the mail on the coffee table and everything else in my hands onto the kitchen table, and I let the dog out the back gate.  Sometimes, it really throws me off because I mess myself up by coming in the side door… we truly are creatures of habits.  I tend to spin in circles when I come in the side door…....more

pug life

Since the pugs don't have their own blog (yet...), they wanted to share some of their favorite recent photos on my blog today. Since I can't resist their stinky butts, I allowed them to share what they've been up to lately.Bowie: This is my fave cushion on the couch. It used to be normal shaped but wasn't very comfy....more