My Cats

Hey everyone! Another late in the evening post (I will warn you now, tomorrows will also be late at night since I have a very busy day). Since it is so late in the evening and I have pretty much been out all day, tonight's post will be brief. I thought I would take today to introduce me to your cats (oops! that should be reversed. As I said, long day.)...more

I Don't Want To Be A Cat Person

She told me how when the old boy died they mourned that kitty, a family circled around the memories and stories and laughing and crying and doing it together because they had loved him together.  I told her how I felt affirmed in my choice to not have a pet in my home, in turn saving myself and my children the inevitable grief of losing it.  This made her sad.  "But isn't it better to have loved something than nothing at all?" she asked.And I felt like an idiot....more
Great post. :)more

The Lifespan of Grief

I don't know if raw grief has an endpoint. But surely there must come a time when you can think of a loved one without a lump in your throat? ...more
erinific Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words. (I would have replied earlier ...more

My first post here, and a suggestion.

Above is a picture of my beautiful cat “His Royal Highness.”  He is a little famous on my other blog.  Since it is my first post here I thought that I would introduce him to you....more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

This week’s Photo Challenge from WordPress is entitled ‘eerie.’...more

Meet Max

Monday, November 4, 2013 Who is your favourite character of all time? This is Max the Dog. He's made quite  few appearances on my blog. He likes to ruminate about life....more
Max is a cutie!more

Doggie Deposits, Far From Fertilizer

Dog owners take note: Contrary to popular belief, doggie deposits do not make for good fertilizer – quite the opposite in fact....more

A Sad Anniversary

One year ago today - can it really be that long? - we said goodbye to our Spidercat. She was 20 years old, had lived with me for 19, and was the dearest, sweetest cat I have ever known. She'd been in my life for so long it felt as though she was a part of me, and letting her go was heartwrenching. ...more

7 Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

7 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe On HalloweenPosted by: Kristen In: Pet Safety...more

Bullies Come In All Shapes And Sizes

I know I must look ridiculous running around my backyard with a small rake in my hand. There’s a mean cat in my backyard. He shows me his claws and hisses at me. He even has the audacity to squish himself under my fence, come across my yard, walk up the stairs to my deck and threaten me, to my face, without a single wink or twitch.I don’t know what to do since I’ve spoken to the neighbors and let’s just say that their comments now fall into an already overflowing list of head scratching moments.Their suggestions:...more