Alex in Autumn

This morning Alex is limping, favoring his back left leg. We will be off to see our vet, who is also a friend of many years. Alex will be anxious and a little frightened. Alex is about 14 years old. He was rescued from Hurricane Floyd in NC. He was probably around 2 years old at the time. But we can't be sure. Alex is a great boy, timid yet friendly, incredibly loyal yet not much of a guard dog, as he is timid and fearful. He is a large black lab mix with a long, shiny coat. He is a snuggler, loves to hike and be by my side every minute he can....more

The Pet Conversation

Me: Wouldn't it be great if we had a raccoon as a pet? Tim: No. No, it wouldn't. Me: Sure it would! They have little human hands. They would be so helpful. They could feed the baby when I'm busy. Tim: I don't think one raccoon could hold her and feed her. There'd have to be two. One to hold her head and the bottle and the other to hold her feet, maybe give her a little foot rub. Me: YES! I wonder if they'd give me a foot. Tim: No! What is wrong with you? After the cats, no more pets. ...more
I think racoons would be lovely. If left to my own devices I'd fill my house with inappropriate ...more

My daily doodle: Four cats

Are you a cat person? There's something about Fall that makes me think about these bewitching creatures. I love this quote about cats by Paul Gray, "Cats are kindly masters, just so long as you remember your place." Gray's words inspired my "Four Cats" illustration for today....more
The foggy weather here made me think of one more cat poem: THE fog comes on little cat feet. It ...more

Celebrate Your Successes

Gosh it’s hard to type with a big fat cat lap nosing my hand, sinking a claw into my chest and purring profusely. After Hope went missing Zoom Zoom has become so affectionate he can hardly contain himself. Maybe he’s afraid of getting beamed up as well. He just jumped down leaving a flurry of hair on my keyboard.  I blow it off and continue my morning communiqué. Daughter Darling got a new kitten, but we all claim him. He is a yellow striped kitty named Obi Kitty Kenobi. (You know, Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars)....more

Helping Your Child Deal With The Death Of A Pet (a family member)

Word of Wisdom Mom - Let's Share Our Wisdom,pass it on!We all know how tough it is to lose someone we love, or don't we? Well, if not it's a tough lesson to learn. The passing of the family pet can be the first time your child has to deal with such grief. How you help them deal with the loss of the family pet can be instrumental in how the deal with their feelings in bigger situation later on in life. We are learning this lesson right now....more

My "Marley & Me" Story!

Word of Wisdom Mom - Let's Share Our Wisdom,pass it on!...more

Irene's flood water risks to pets (and people)

My three dogs wag their tails when they see a puddle, but even with their amazing canine noses they can't sniff out the hidden contaminants.  And they can't see the dangerous debris hidden in the mud....more


I was quite excited a few months ago when Cat Lady and Bead Artist Chris Maj asked if she could buy a pendant or two from me, but without the bail attached. She wanted to try to use one as a "cabochon" in one of her intricately beaded necklaces. Just the fact that she referred to my glass pieces as cabochons won me over (I just love that word), so of course I said yes. ...more

Marijuana Pain Patch For Animals Coming Soon

A Seattle company has developed a marijuana pain patch for use on dogs, cats and horses suffering from arthritis, cancer, and other chronic pain. The company, Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems (MMDS), acquired a patent for the patch which was developed in 2000 by Walter Cristobal of the Santa Ana Pueblo Tribe of New Mexico. According to Culture Magazine, Mr....more
That's crazy! This topic seems to be booming all around us here in Seattle. more

Pets Suffer in Hard Times Too