If there is anyone I love most... its my cat :)

Now, I know its a common misconception that women just "love cats," not all women love cats, but I have to say that for me, my cat is my best friend. Now I am a normal girl with a bf and a fulltime job- another misconception is that women who love cats are alone and have no lives. Well, obviously this is not true and even with my bf who i love to death, he would never get me to get rid of my cat. My cat is my best friend, and my bf understands because there is a bond between woman and animal that surpasses normal human relationships. ...more

Pet Corner: The University of Lucy

In the University of Lucy, I am but a humble student. The lessons are pure and simple and as powerful as anything I've learned from the likes of Ghandi, even Oprah. At U of L, every day is an opportunity for a new insight, a life-changing concept and especially, a nap. Lucy and I found each other through a local rescue group. A corgie/doxie mix, she’s a little dog with a huge heart who surely knows what life is all about. ...more
Omg, tears! Of happiness that Lucy's okay ; - ) I know what you mean about them leaving before ...more

Discrimination Against Black Dogs is a Real Problem

As school ends and summer draws near, many families consider adopting a dog.  This year consider a black dog and help combat Black Dog Syndrome. ...more

Playtime for Ruby and Charlie

Now that it is summer time, we are spending more time outside after dinner. Having the extended daylight certainly encourages more playtime outside when it cools down a little bit. Although down here it can still be 80+ degrees at 8pm. After dinner Charlie, Ruby and I head out into the backyard to work off some excess energy. Well, the two of them do. I sit on the deck with my camera, Diet Dr. Pepper, and occasionally a book. Charlie throws the Frisbee, Ruby chases it, and then Charlie chases her. The two of them can run around like this for an hour!...more

Dottie the Magnificent

Last Saturday, I met a magnificent puppy. Her name is Dottie....more

FIve Ways To Organize Your Pet For Summer

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore...more

Take that!

Hey, it is me, Alex the Cat!  I got to tell you what happened this morning… it was great! After two unsuccessful hours of trying to get my lazy parents out of bed, finally at 5:30 AM they got their sorry butts out of bed.  My dad was holding me and looking at the lump on my tail as my mom headed downstairs to get me my breakfast.  She grabbed a paper plate out of the pantry closet and then walked over to the dining room table where my medicine sat. “Do you want this?” she called up to my dad holding the tube. “Nah, I’ll do it later,” he replied.  ...more

He has a temper and he holds a grudge... Get on his bad side, he is vengeful. But if you get on ...more


Menagerie, that is a word my mother used often when she talked about all our animals and today I will use it to describe my menagerie. We've always had a lot of animals in our house since The Hubby and I married, mainly cats. Let me see, we've had the usual dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, parakeets, canaries and as of yesterday I now own zebra finches. It was kind of weird that my birthday is next week and I was thinking about going to get myself a birthday present of finches....more

Give me the music

I am always amazed at the power of music.  How you can hear a song, and immediately be transported back to a different time and place in your life.  How a melody and lyrics can flood you with memories and emotions. Sting’s “Fields of Gold” does that to me.  Whenever I hear it, I can’t help but think of my dog.  Sting released this song the year we got her.  We used to leave the radio on whenever we left the house.  For whatever reason, it seemed, whenever we returned, this song was playing on the radio.  As soon as I hear him sing “on the fields of...more

Pet Corner: Stanley Perseveres

In honor of the 11th annual World Turtle Day, sponsored by American Tortoise Rescue, I'm sharing a guest post from my personal blog written by my childhood friend, Kathleen Teager, back in 2008. Her story of Stanley the Tortoise not only tells the tale of an extraordinary creature but - thanks to Google - it resulted saving the life of another beloved tortoise. Enjoy!:...more
What a wonderful tale about Stan, I hope there will be further updates...say, Stan seems like ...more