Helping Your Child Deal With The Death Of A Pet (a family member)

Word of Wisdom Mom - Let's Share Our Wisdom,pass it on!We all know how tough it is to lose someone we love, or don't we? Well, if not it's a tough lesson to learn. The passing of the family pet can be the first time your child has to deal with such grief. How you help them deal with the loss of the family pet can be instrumental in how the deal with their feelings in bigger situation later on in life. We are learning this lesson right now....more

My "Marley & Me" Story!

Word of Wisdom Mom - Let's Share Our Wisdom,pass it on!...more

Irene's flood water risks to pets (and people)

My three dogs wag their tails when they see a puddle, but even with their amazing canine noses they can't sniff out the hidden contaminants.  And they can't see the dangerous debris hidden in the mud....more


I was quite excited a few months ago when Cat Lady and Bead Artist Chris Maj asked if she could buy a pendant or two from me, but without the bail attached. She wanted to try to use one as a "cabochon" in one of her intricately beaded necklaces. Just the fact that she referred to my glass pieces as cabochons won me over (I just love that word), so of course I said yes. ...more

Marijuana Pain Patch For Animals Coming Soon

A Seattle company has developed a marijuana pain patch for use on dogs, cats and horses suffering from arthritis, cancer, and other chronic pain. The company, Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems (MMDS), acquired a patent for the patch which was developed in 2000 by Walter Cristobal of the Santa Ana Pueblo Tribe of New Mexico. According to Culture Magazine, Mr....more
That's crazy! This topic seems to be booming all around us here in Seattle. more

Pets Suffer in Hard Times Too

Mega dog bone obsession

My sister gave Lisen a mega bone this Thursday and doggy has been obsessed with it ever since. She gnawed on it non-stop for hours the first day. I even had to drag her out for her late night walk.Full post and photos at: Mega dog bone obsession...more

The Good I Learned From My Dog

“People like you don’t have dogs like this.”     Those were the first words I heard from our new dog trainer when I arrived with my 10 week old bundle of doughy cuteness named Dolly; our new American Bulldog. I was offended. After all I was a dog person....more
@Meredith- totally! I knew to never buy from pet stores because of puupy mills but did not ...more

New Study Says Pets Are Good for You

A recent study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, concluded that pets are an important source of social support and provide many psychological and physical advantages for their human companions....more

Dispatch From Type-A Land: Weekend "To Do" List for July 15

Happy Friday everybody! Sorry for the late update, but we had an exciting night. Somehow our little heeler got a big gash on the front of her leg at some point by something. (As you know, the answers to "How?" "When?" and "What?" are always very important to the Type-A Lunatic, so this situation is making me crazy.) It's not in a place that we can easily bandage and it's not bleeding because--how to put this delicately--she's taking care of it. Which means the first time I stuck my face down to get a good look at the injury I found myself looking at a skinless chicken thigh with fur. Good Lord, animals are made of meat....more