Loose Exotic Pet Laws - The Real Villain

This week's bizarre tragedy in Ohio brings attention to the widely varying exotic pet laws in each state. Terry Thompson, owner of the 73-acre Zanesville property that held 56 wild animals, committed suicide by firearm shortly after he let all the animals out of their cages. By all accounts, it was the final 'f**k you' to his community, which included kids on their way to school....more
This whole situation made me so sad. Such a waste of precious endangered animals. The man who ...more

Keeping Your Dog at a Healthy Weight

Keeping your pet at a healthy weight is key to a happy and long life. It is especially important when it comes to small dogs like Toby, because their little frames can't hold additional weight....more
I have a 12 pound dog as well.  At times his energy can be exhausting - he constantly want to ...more

"When The FAIR Comes To Town...You KNOW Fall Has Arrived!"

Here in Louisiana it cools off a lot slower than other places.  However, we know that when the Parish Fair comes to town, cooler temperatures are not far off! Last week the Fair was in town and I cannot say that I have missed going to it many times (if any...) over the course of my life; this year was no different.  Wednesday, as I passed by the fairgrounds, I decided that although it was only Robby and me this year, we were going to make  a trip out there....more

Bat Attack

A crash of thunder destroyed my dream. It was a good one too. About a Kentucky Derby where the cast members of Gilligan’s Islandwere the jockeys. I scootched to the end of my bed and pressed my nose to the window. No rain? Then how—             “Bats! Bats! To arms! To arms!” All three of my brothers sounded the alarm in unison. I heard the thunder noise again. Oh, it’s just them. On the stairs.             I almost went back to sleep....more

For Love of My Cat…In a Nutshell

Could I look into her old yellowish-green doe eyes, professing to love her—many years a dear member of the family—and not see her plea for compassion, love and understanding? How could I possibly turn her away? She didn’t mean it, after all. She is still just a wild animal at heart. And though tamed on the outside, she obeys her instinctive impulses, marking her territory, claiming what’s hers…but, darn it, always on my floor!...more
Isn't it amazing, how these creatures can enter our hearts, and suddenly we find ourselves ...more

So You Think a Fish Is an Easy Pet, Mom?

The wall of tanks started to swirl together before me. Like fly-vision I was seeing hundreds of identical images. Despite how dazzlingly confusing just picking a tank was, there also seemed to be some digital ticker tape of the cost of all this flashing behind Fish Geek’s head. The numbers multiplied the more she talked.At this rate we’d get one goldfish and have to decide whether it was Kate or Paige who we could send to college. I was starting to wonder whether we should’ve gotten pre-approved for a loan before entering the fish store....more
@The UDG Ha! My sister bought some guinea pigs for her kids and I loved that they fed them ...more

When Pigs Fly

It would be a good day to bury someone. Or some thing. The ground is soaked after days of drizzle. Will share its moisture if you but step on it.             I head for the basement. To me, it smells like death but then, it often does. Could be the inch of water on the floor in husband’s workroom. Might be a juvenile rodent in some advanced state of decay, its head like a walked on brussel sprout, thanks to one of husband’s traps. Long ago I relinquished my insistence he use Havahart cages....more

Landlords - Stop Gouging Pet Owners

When the going gets tough, the tough gouge the vulnerable. In this case, the vulnerable are pet owners seeking to rent or lease homes and apartments. The trend is to charge pet owners extra rent in addition to a non-refundable pet security deposit over and above a standard security deposit. People are put in the untenable position of either choosing between a home and a beloved family pet or paying substantially extra to have both....more

Spread the love: Adopt a less "popular" dog

I love black dogs because their eyes sparkle and their smiles are so adorable! Sadly, many people overlook this when they go to an animal shelter. Black dogs–especially big black dogs–end up spending weeks longer than other dogs in an animal shelter. Darker dogs tend to be more difficult to photograph and unfortunately prospective owners may overlook the dog's other wonderful features. There are many reasons less popular dogs end up sitting in a shelter and never find a home....more

Pets R Us

I openly admit to adoring my dog. I LOVE MY DOG. My dog is awesome! Except when I have to lift up his mess - But, like any good mother, I forget that he poops and he pretends that I’m the greatest thing since..What do dogs love? Bones? I’m better than bones....more