How to Travel With a Dog

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Nice! Staying hydrated, packing healthy snacks, and taking along a few favorite things to keep ...more

You're Either Very Smart . . . or Incredibly Stupid

 Fight, fight! It’s a slippery slope here on the mountain....more

It's a dog's life-watching your best friend grow old

She sleeps a little longer and a little more deeply. She snores and dreams so richly that she wakes herself up barking, only to look sheepish when she realizes she was dreaming. When I'm sitting still she cuddles in a little closer, looks for a little more love. My puppy isn't a puppy anymore. I remember when I brought Shy home. I had spent six months recovering from losing my previous dog, Pru, to cancer. She was a beautiful, loyal Staffie, and losing her crushed me. ...more
Very nice post. I can totally relate to the emotions you go through in watching your dog get ...more

How Adopting a Dog Changed Our Life

I’ve been around dogs my whole life. My dad races sled dogs, so we had 15-20 dogs or more for most of my childhood, but they weren’t pets. Family and friends had dogs, so I certainly wasn’t a stranger to them. But until two years ago, I had never had a pet dog of my own. Then, in July 2013, Dave and decided to adopt a dog. We had recently graduated college, gotten engaged, and moved into a new apartment. Dave had a new job, but I hadn’t found one yet....more
We adopted our black lab/shepherd as a puppy almost 3 years ago. It just seems like a ...more

HBD Sassafras


My name is Lou

Hi, my name is Lou and Mom left the computer open to her partially started outfit post so I thought I might just tell you about the day my Mo...more

The Multiple Benefits Of A Pet-Friendly Workplace (INFOGRAPHIC)

Pet-friendly offices are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Although not everybody is on board with having pets roaming around the office, a lot of employees find it to be a great idea. Allowing pets to come to work may be extremely beneficial for workers as well as the boss....more

Ginger is Healthy For Your Pets

Ginger has antioxidant effects!It also has an ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory compounds. ...more

Make an Adorable DIY Dog Bed With Copper Rivets

A few months ago I bought Juniper an orthopedic, tempurpedic dream of a dog bed … which she unzipped and ate within the first 20 minutes of being alone with it....more

Great Tips To Keep Your Pets Cool In The Summer (INFOGRAPHIC)

Summer is finally here and with the warm weather firmly established, we spend more and more time outside. But we often forget that our beloved pets suffer from the heat as much as us humans, maybe even more so. That's why it's essential that our furbabies have a stable body temperature all through summer....more