Cat Myths Debunked

Cats as a species have a reputation for being graceful, clean, aloof, inscrutable, finicky, and sneaky.I'm here to tell you that none of that's true. Cats just have a really good PR agency.Here's the truth of the matter....more

Unconditional Love

When our oldest cat died, Bob was left alone. He needed a companion, so we went back to the animal rescue center where we had adopted him. ...more

I Miss Goats, NaBloPoMo Day 22

I really miss having goats....more

Kona's Getting Spayed and Why Your Dog Should Too!

Kona goes into get spayed today and this dog mom is heartbroken. No, it's not because she's getting spayed. I stand firm that spaying and neutering your pets is an absolute must.I'm a mess because I hate the thought of dropping Kona-baby off at the vet and having them lead her away from Adam. The poor girl has been bounced around enough in her life and there's no way to tell her that her dad will be there to pick her up when her surgery is all over....more

Sometimes God Gives You Exactly What You Want, Right When You Need It Most

This week the loyalty of the Great Pyrenees breed has set the social media sphere buzzing with the story about a Great Pyrenees in Texas who sat on the side of a highway next to the body of his friend who had been killed and would not leave.I would like to share my own story about the Great Pyrenees, more specifically, two Great Pyrenees that have meant a lot to my family. ...more

How to Make Your Dog Bigger and Healthier

Whether your dog is for protection or companionship, making it grow bigger and stronger is a worthwhile goal. Having well-defined muscles on your dog will not only make it attractive, but it will also send signals that you're a responsible dog owner....more

Happy Halloween, Mateys!

Halloween is normally a day I can get behind--dress up, pumpkins and sweets! But this year, it's making me angsty....more

Feeling A Little Lost

I was feeling terribly defeated on Tuesday. I know that makes this most a little late, but I had to take the time to edit my post and make sure that I didn't post anything I would regret later.Where do I start?When I talked to the psychiatrist last week, he told me that I would hear from the Mindfulness Group Leader probably in 48 hours, but definitely in five business days. He said that he was putting in my referral for my psychologist as he was winding up our appointment....more
J-MOM It is definitely hard to discourage the puppy and playfulness in her. Sometimes I do just ...more

How to Travel With a Dog

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BeyondSnacks #CollectiveBias...more
Nice! Staying hydrated, packing healthy snacks, and taking along a few favorite things to keep ...more

You're Either Very Smart . . . or Incredibly Stupid

 Fight, fight! It’s a slippery slope here on the mountain....more