A Loveable, Annoying Pet

Shadow was the most quirky, amusing and utterly annoying pet we have ever owned. A drooling, big black lab mix with overgrown feet and an overgrown personality, Shadow was an integral part of my children’s lives for 13 years.This dog grew up with cats.They could cuddle up beside him or lay on top of him and he barely raised an eyebrow. He tossed mice and fish around like a cat and sometimes he played more like a cat than a dog....more

New Additions! {Nope no babies YET}

So we finally got some chickens......more

The Dog Catcher Part 1

The Dog Catcher Part 1Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger.  ~Ben Okri...more

Crush Your Child's Dream of Ever Owning a Dog (or Pony)!

We love birthdays in our family. Or rather I love birthdays and have passed that trait onto to the boys—and my husband goes along for the ride. September began our “birthday season” which ends in late January. As you can imagine, we are talking birthday wishes, birthday celebrations, all things “birthdays” these days. ...more
My grandson, who is three, has 6 dogs, a cat, two goats and three sheep in his family.  He is ...more

Saying Goodbye to a Best Friend

I've known a post like this has been inevitable for a while, but it doesn't make it any easier to write. ...more
I so understand and send my condolences to you and your family. Eleanor RigbyCat sounds like my ...more

Let's "Paws" and Take a Moment

When she enters a room, I’m always the first (and only) one to say hello. When I help her out, I never hear a thank you. When I pay her a compliment, she never gives one in return. She routes through the trash, chews with her mouth open and stalks me in my own home. She’s a confidante, a friend and my baby and god help the person who talks badly about her. Even if that person is my child....more
Thank you! Pets really do make the world a happier placemore

How Do I Tell My Mom Her House Reeks?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I hate to visit my mom's house because it reeks of animals. She has two cats and a dog, and I think she keeps it clean, but it still smells. How do I tell her this?Signed,My Mom's Living In a Litter Box...more
Maybe it's better that, in presentation of the problem (reeking house bec of pets) to suggest a ...more

Pets the best companions!

Why I Like Animals More Than People

There’s an old family saying coined by my grandfather that goes, “You know I never did care much for people, but I sure do love critters.” It’s generally followed by one relative or another telling a story about a dog or cat they’ve rescued and an overly dramatic tale of heroics and bravado that went into it....more

NYC Pet Portraits Giveaway – Oil Painting

These paintings are amazing! If you have a pet or know someone that does, you’ll want this!This would make a wonderful Christmas gift! ...more