A Series of Unfortunate (Cat-Related) Events

Unfortunate (Cat-Related) Event #1: ...more
inevertoldher Yes, thankfully the unfortunate events were confined to the one day!more

Nine Reasons Why My Village (and yours) Should Allow Chickens

My village won't let me have chickens.  It irritates me to no end.See that photo, above?  That's my town.  It is a dozen or so little residential roads and 2 main streets with a grand total of 2 stoplights, both of which are turned off at 11 pm.  This sprawling metropolis takes about 20 minutes to cross, from end to end, on foot....more

The Birthday That Almost Broke My Heart

Please read this if you have a dog, it could save their life!...more

Quinn's Gotcha Day

Three years ago, we brought home the biggest canine goofball known to man. He’s a little bigger now, but still the same silly whippet!  Stay tuned…....more

Enza's Gotcha Day

When I was in college and had just officially moved in with the Husbeast (back then, he was the hubs-elect) I vowed to never live without a dog. We knew we wanted a Whippet. I thought we did all of our research and found the perfect litter not too far from my University. Long story short, things didn’t work out as planned and we ended up with Enza....more

freshen up your pet filled home

I've realized that we are those people whose house smells like dog. You know how you go to people's houses and think "how can they stand the fact that their house smells like X?" Well we've turned into those people....more

Carolina is my dog

Children and animalsHow many times has your child asked you have a puppy? How many times have you told him not? Because you live in an apartment, because you have to take him out, because you have to educate. There are a thousand reasons to say no, but you had the luck of having a dog as a kid? it is not necessary to explain how important it is for a child to have a pet....more

The Pet Saga: Fancy Rats Part 2

The Fancy Rat saga continues.  This stuff is just too good not to write down....more

Family Values at the Holidays.


Should Your Pets Observe Bedtime?

Should your pet have a "bedtime"? Is it good to allow him to sleep in your bed? Do you let him in once he starts whining at the door during bedtime? These are all questions every pet owner wants to answer.It's such a universal query that even USA Today made an effort to ask (and answer) the question. But every pet parent knows that bedtime routines with our precious furballs are rarely, if ever, actually routine. That's our doggie, sleeping on - you guessed it - my pillow.Like our human children, our “fur kids” have minds and moods of their own.  Despite our best efforts, we often find ourselves at their furry whim rather than running the show when the sun goes down....more