Peut être Jolie

I´m screaming but you can´t hear me

I´m right here but you can´t feel Me

It hurts to see how you think I´m far gone

I´m trying to let you know that I´m right here

But my lips can´t move and my body is numb


You grab my face to find me inside

But my eyes seem disoriented way far

The sensation of desperation takes over Me

I´m trying to sense you a sign

But I´m feeling paralyzed


You seemed frustrated like if you´re wasting time

I just wanted to let you know that it was all Me

The one who just made love to you before paralyzing

You can´t trust when third slip in you to sabotage

Desperate scream in silence when your lips move yet you can´t make a sound


Don´t forget it was Me that one who complemented you in bed

Before the unwanted third party roofies, before the damage

Things could be so much better without “some else” in there

I know how to please your body like nobody, let me stimulate your head

Let me be there, without all the previous bullshit


No questions asked, no compromise, no period of time

Just one person at the time, no one from the past

No one from my side, please at least respect that

Thirty something’s women with our feet on the ground

It couldn´t be any better than that when you let it take its natural path - peut être jolie.


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