Phoning It In

Saturday morning is soccer practice. While the daughter is out on the field, I walk/run the track above, but tomorrow, I could join the other parents in the stand because as of tonight I have a smart phone too.

Every Saturday, they sit with bums glued to hard plastic chairs and thumbs and eyes glued to their phones. A few have commented on my taking time to exercise instead of watch my daughter practice, but if I did sit with the other parents, I'd have been the only one watching the practice.

I won't be joining them tomorrow. Winter has set in hard and I grab every opportunity for movement I can get. Being a writer affords me more screen time than is probably good for me, so I don't really need the distractions with which the new phone is loaded.

The phone is really about combining services and ditching land lines. It wasn't meant to free me from interacting with the world around me. I am worried though that I will become one of those who can't ignore the chirping or vibrating. Or that I will never let it drift too far outside the range of my peripheral vision for fear I might miss something in the virtual section of reality.

For the moment, I am just a bit in awe of the phone itself. It won't do laundry or get the child off to school in the morning, but it's a marvel just the same.

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