photo albums


i did Soleil's baby album when she was 6 months old.

Francesca's when she was around 1 every day while both the girls were napping.

Brockman is 5 and i haven't even started.

don't worry.

there will be time.

i  will get there.

i am certainly not going to beat myself up over the fact that i haven't started his baby album, and i have no idea where all the photos are exactly.

i barely remember his first year...

i do, but i don't... you know?

it will be ok.

currently i have 2003-2007 & 2011 completed and the girls' first year.

i still need to do 1998-2002 and 2008-present

jump around? yes, a little - it's a long story...

no it isn't,

ok so... 2003 is when i got a decent digital camera. i did that year after the girls' baby books and kept going. i skipped to 2011 because all our photos were in Morro Bay and we were living in Solana Beach so i scrapbooked what i had, wait, actually now that i think about it 2011 is only half done because i only had half the year of photos on my computer to order from.

anyway... i am currently working on 2008 and should probably start Brockman's baby book soon. i ordered photos from 2008, but had a lot of technical difficulties as iPhoto has upgraded so many times and i burn my photos to DVD/CD that they weren't really loading. that lesson taught me to save them both on CD/DVD and external hard drive. scrapbook

moral of the story, don't over think it. just do it.

get your photos and start.

you will be creating a legacy for your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren...


ps - coincidentally i host a monthly scrapbook night. let me know if you would like to get on the invite list. i'm in solana beach (san diego)

photos above are from archival uprising - someone as excited as i am about preserving photographs :)

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