Photo Friday - A day with Emma

Today, Emma and I chucked all our responsibilities, took a day and went for a car ride.  We just drove and ended up touching each other's hearts, sharing our fears, laughing until we cried, crying until we laughed and spending too much money - Sorry Beerhound!  But what a great day.

Emma always gets to drive.  Do I sound six???


She stopped the car in the road and made me take this picture. So bossy, but the beauty of Virginia.

In Norfolk, we have mermaids.  I suppose it's only appropriate to have pigs in Smithfield, who I might add, are still smarter than my relatives.  Don't eat pork.  Don't eat my relatives.

This, dear friends, is a cotton field.  My beautiful, smart daughter did not know that cotton was grown.  Who doesn't know that? How did she get into college? Where did she think it came from?

At least she now understands the utter demeaning and back breaking work of the slaves.  I know I taught her this.  I did, honestly.  She was probably too busy watching Dr. Who.

We live right here!

NO, we don't!! but one can dream.

The James River before the advent of Hurricane Sandy

Our Ferry.  I personally think they should name it The Pocahontas but no one ever asks me.

Sammy the Seagull, who enjoyed my chicken nuggets.  The little shit!

Dabney the Duck, who also enjoyed my chicken nuggets.  Really Dabney? They came from another bird.  You all need to start banding together.  Think of who you could elect because I'm sure you'd make a better choice than some of the people I've talked to.

More crazy loons.  Get it? Ha, ha, ha.  The loony.... stump.  Okay not so funny.

Our Final Destination: Jamestown

We saw this truck on the way home and couldn't resist.  This would be our "Final Destination."  It's a movie thing.  Beerhound, Bonnie and Emma are obsessed with the scenarios.

Fall is finally showing in Virginia.

And last, this is the cotton that Emma had to pick.  The cotton she picked illegally.  The cotton that could have her fined or arrested.  The cotton she is obsessed with and put on her shelf.  The cotton that makes me wonder what she did with her brain.



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