A Photo Shoot Miracle and A Jammy Day

My girls have colds. Mostly the younger two. Runny noses, phlegmy throats, snot-shooting sneezes and all. Baby sis has it the worst right now.

I'm constantly running for a tissue to blow the noses of Lass and Sis. Lass informs me constantly, "I need to bwow boogies!" I get so confused going back and forth between the two of them, today I held a tissue up to Sis's six-month-old nose and said, "Blow!"

We didn't have anywhere to go, and with the girls feeling a bit yucky, I decided on a jammy day today. The closest anyone came to getting dressed was Lass's wearing of her sister's Snow White dress, complete with a red cape, all. day.

It was a good day. This afternoon I finally got to testify in my last case, so now I have no more work stuff hanging over my head. Miss and Lass and I did a "done with work for-evah!" dance after I was finished with my phone testimony.

I was glad to have a chill-out day at home with my girls.

Yesterday was a little more hectic. It was also the first time ever that all of my girls failed to nap in the afternoon. Miss sometimes doesn't take a nap in the afternoon. That's nothing new. But Lass and Sis always nap. Yesterday none of them did. None. Of. Them.

Yesterday none of them napped, and we had a photo session scheduled for just after what-should-have-been-nap-time. I planned to have our photographer get some shots of all three girls together, two-year photos of Lass, and six-month photos of Sis. I was also hoping for a family photo if my husband could make it on time after work. All this, and none of them napped!

Of all days.

Amazingly, the photo session was great. The only real evidence that the girls didn't nap was that Miss was a little bit crazy running around, which she tends to do when she's overly tired.

That and the fact that Sis fell asleep right before my husband arrived to do our family photo. She slept in his arms the whole time while our photographer snapped a few hasty shots of us all together. She's skilled with the Photoshop, so we will probably have cut-and-pasted faces patched together to make one decent family photo. It's all good. We only need one. The fact that we all made it out of there with sanity and limbs intact is nothing short of miraculous, I tell you.

Jammy day was perfect for today.

We're looking forward to the weekend with Daddy home. Hopefully we'll get our pumpkins carved and decorate some Halloween cookies. Watch football and chill. I love Daddy-home weekends.

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