Pick it up off the floor

How many times do you think we, as women, bend over to pick something up off the floor in our life?  Thousands?  Millions?  Why do I even think about this question?  I think that it started when I got older and bending over got more difficult.  You know how it is- bend slowly so you don't strain your low back and the groans are more than they used to be.

It's not just the things that I accidentally drop on the floor or things that I am responsible for that have to be picked up, but what other people in my family drop as well.  I must have a sign on my forehead that says "it's okay Mom will get it".  I tried an experiment one time and put a towel in the middle of the floor where everyone could see it.  Yep, you're right they walked over it, day after day, and didn't even think about picking it up.  It stayed on the floor for an entire week until (the lady with the sign on her head) finally picked it up. 

How hard could it be to pick up the dirty socks, clothes and towels?  The basket is just 1 foot from where the stuff landed anyway.  And my husband is not immune from this type of behavior either and I know that his mother didn't pick up his clothes for him.

When I was young I could pick things up with my toes, but not so much anymore.  Why can't my family learn that trick? Wouldn't they find it fun? The children are closer to the floor than me anyways so how hard can it be?

Thanks for letting me vent.  I know that it is my fault for not making them pick up their messes, but sometimes it's just easier to do it when I see it.  So I wonder how many more times in my life will I have to bend over and pick something up off the floor?  Thousands? Millions?


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