Pick what's important to you

All too often we fall into the pitfall of trying to be superwoman, of trying to do it all, and of comparing ourselves to others who seem to do more or who seem to do better. How do we avoid this?

One way is to understand what’s most important to you. What are your values? Is it more important to maintain an all-organic, well-balanced diet or to engage in activities that have you feeling peaceful and grounded? Is it more important to have the kitchen cleaned up and organized or to give yourself an hour of rest? Some of you will choose one; some of you will choose the other. Sometimes, you’ll say they both are important. And sometimes your answer might be different than it was the day before. The question is, “Right now, in this moment, what is more important to you, your family, and how you’re committed to living?” when you clarify your priorities, then it’s easier to resist comparing yourself to others in areas that you’ve intentionally decided are not areas of focus for you.

Angel knew that a clean and organized house was good for her family. A clean house helped keep her family healthy. And when the house was organized, everyone knew where to find things. With two young kids who often needed something right now, it helped to have everything in its place.

Yet, when Angel was pregnant with her third baby, she knew she had to make some choices. She needed more time to rest and take care of herself, and she didn’t want to cut back on the time she interacted with her older children. Taking care of herself and playing with her kids became the priority over a neat and organized home. It bugged her at first, not being able to live up to her prior standards, but she let the house go a little bit. It required that she stop comparing herself to how she used to be. It meant that she had to set aside her concerns about not being a good homemaker. Finally, it sometimes even felt liberating! She kept reminding herself of her focus and her choice. She could say to herself, “I could continue to have a perfectly put together house, and I’m choosing to rest or play with my kids instead.”

How have you made the sometimes "tough" choices in life? How have you picked what's most important to you?



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