This Picture Just Kills Me

Every morning I get an email from Groupon, announcing its latest deals. Inevitably, I find myself wondering how they select the images that will go along with the offer. Sometimes, it's clearly an image of the restaurant or business being advertised. Often, though, it's very obviously a stock photo. It's those instances that really make me wonder--does Groupon have a photo editor (or several) who select these pictures? Or are companies asked to supply images when they liaise with Groupon? These questions keep me up at night, and one of the reasons they do is that sometimes the pictures are just whack-a-doo.

Like this one, for a $20-for-20-sessions-of-yoga at a place that sounds sort of...well...weird:

Image via Groupon

Seriously, this picture just kills me. And if it was chosen by the people at the yoga studio, then I'd consider this a warning sign: Don't go! Why not? Well, first of all, no self-respecting yoga teacher is going to let students get away with form like that. Your shoulders should be back and down, away from your ears; your chest should be radiating forward; you don't need to be looking up to the point where your neck is wrenched back, like that woman toward the back is doing. Second, since when do people wear socks and shoes in yoga? Since never, that's when. Third, what's going on with those mats? Not only are they thicker than any yoga mat (even the thick ones) I've ever seen, they're also super short. Of course, that makes sense, because they're not yoga mats. Finally, why are these people all made up like they're going out to dinner after their yoga class? I know some people wear jewelry while they exercise, but wearing a watch and having my hair hanging all over my face while I'm trying to do down dog would drive me insane.

Is it silly of me to analyze a picture like this? Yes. But it's weird. There must be literally hundreds of stock images of people doing yoga with proper form, with proper equipment; images that would make the service being offered look legitimate and maybe even enticing. Instead this just makes me want to laugh. And relax my shoulders, because wow, my neck and shoulders hurt just looking at those women.


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