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"We are thankful for Perry the Platypus. Also our health and safety and other less interesting stuff."

Fun fact: I have a chalkboard wall in my kitchen. Each day in November of last year my family and I listed things we were thankful for on the wall every evening. (You can check out those posts here, here, and here.)

Thankful wall

Over the course of the month it evolved:

[Thankful wall day 10

"Alas, I cannot be thankful for "excellent photography skills.""

Thankful Supergirl

"Though not featured on the wall, let it be known that I am also thankful for Supergirl jammies."

By the time Thanksgiving Day rolled around we had quite the list going. It was a good visual reminder that we have a lot to be grateful for, something that’s especially important to bear in mind while staring down the barrel of black Friday and ZOMG SANTA I WANT ALL THE THINGS!!!!!

  Thankful wall day 18

"Not your traditional Thanksgiving decor of festive gourds and turkeys but it serves its purpose."

This year, while not entirely blank, the wall isn’t being filled with all the things we are thankful for. I’m not quite sure why not. I mean, we’re busy, nights are hectic, visitors think we’re odd, we've been out of town - but there are always ample excuses not to do something, you know?

 "Our 2013 Thankful Wall as of this morning. Can I get a 'womp, womp'?"

I can’t help but think, as I write this in the midst of NaBloPoMo, that there’s a lesson I should be learning from the fact that we *intended* to do this writing project and yet we didn’t because REASONS. What lurks in that crucial space between the intention to write and actually writing?

But starting today – as much as I don’t want to lose that crucial note that Nicholas Sparks should *totally* call his next book “White People Almost Kissing” – I’ll start the wall. Whatever “well, I meant to but I didn’t” consists of, forgiving yourself and pulling the trigger has to be a part of crawling out from under it, right?

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