Piglet is a Girl! (Toddlers & Gender)

I've been thinking a lot about gender lately, especially as I notice changes in my 2 year old daughter. I haven't found a way to organize these thoughts other than in a list; maybe something more will emerge.

My daughter adamantly calls all creatures "she." When presented with a name she does not recognize, such as an author of a new library book, she states with questioning inflection, "It is girl?"  Of course she's at the developmental stage where she is evaluating and refining  categories, and is very curious about boys and girls, men and women. 
    Piglet is a girl.
    The driver in the car across the street, whom we cannot see, is a girl. 
    The beetle we almost stepped on is a girl.

My friend's 3 year old son likes to wear skirts. While helping them pick out skirts at a yard sale, I was struck by how consumed I had become with my own girl-child-rearing thoughts. 

My daughter just recently asked, for the first time ever, "Do I look good?" I wasn't ready for this. I thought we had more time....more


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