Pillow Talk


One of my really awesome goals for 2011 is to make a quilt with my shirts from college. Tricky, considering I only touched a sewing machine once, last year, during an impulse purchasing episode.



So last week, I went to a sewing lesson at a local fabric/sewing store, the French Knot Quilt Shop. One thing you can count on from small east Texas towns: they have at least one dedicated quilting store.



At said lesson, I learned how to actually use a sewing machine. And just like every other person/eight year old girl that first learns to sew, I made a pillow.



Man, the hardest part about sewing stuff is picking out fabric. There are so many choices! I bought fabric to make practice pillows at home (didn't hurt that it was 40% off). I matched pillow fabric for my bedroom pretty well. 



The fabric I bought for the guest bedroom is kinda iffy.  It's red, yellow and blue.  What else is red, yellow and blue?





Yes, Little Jimmy, Superman's cape is correct.


Other than that, it turned out okay.


I'm on the email list for a quilting class, but it doesn't look like there are any definite plans yet, so I'm starting on my own.


I don't think it will be as hard as it sounds. Obviously, I'm not starting with a T-shirt quilt. I'm starting with a layer cake quilt. I've already got the fabric (40% off!) and I ordered a book for beginners on how to make layer cake quilts.  SO.  We will see how it goes!



P.S. A Costa Rica Series post is coming up later this week.


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