Pink Princessy Party Favors

Here's a great idea for creating pink princess inspired party favours!!

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As lots of you will know, Sprout recently turned four and we held a princess birthday party complete with bouncy castle, a pink castle cake and at the end of the party we gave out  pink princess-y party favours.

Due to a couple of bouts of Sprouty illness - chicken pox and an ear infection - my organisation of the party was fairly haphazard and by the time I got around to shopping for party bag treats the selection on offer was rather dismal. Instead, we found these great Playmobil figures at Toys R Us. Each bag contains a selection of pieces that make up a surprise Playmobil figure - although you can narrow it down a bit by choosing a blue or pink bag depending on your child!

So you might get an Egyptian queen or an ice skater, a surfer, a cowboy or a pirate. One of the great things about these little packages is that they encourage you to create your own characters too. For example,  you could add the surfer's head to the cowboy's torso and then give him the ice skater's legs!! Lots of scope for imaginative play!

Reality Check!!.....What I'm about to share would have occurred if I lived in an ideal world!! However back in the real world, I had just finished an incredibly busy term and Sprout was fighting off temperatures of 105˚F so although we did hand out little pink packages at the end of the party containing a Playmobil figure and a mini-packet of Haribo - it was minus the 'pretty' bits!!
Equipment -
silver pen
Time: 3-5 minutes per favour

1.Cut your tissue paper to the correct size - I used 5 or 6 layers to for each parcel. The fewer layers you use the more see through your package will be!
2.Wrap the party favours and seal with strips of washi tape.
3.Cut 50cm of curling ribbon and wrap around the package.
4.Double knot and then use the blade of a pair scissors to curl the each end of the ribbon.

5.Wrap two pieces of washi tape around the end of the parcel tags, punch a heart through the tape and label with a guest's name.

6.Repeat until you have wrapped all your parcels!!

These really are easy to make, and you could customise them in so many different ways - green tissue paper with a dinosaur punched tag, purple paper with a butterfly punched tag or yellow paper with a star punched tag. The possibilities are endless...

What kind of party favours do you give out at parties? 
Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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