Pinterest and nausea

Good afternoon, ladies! 

This is my first official post and mostly just an attempt to dip my toe in BlogHer water... You know, is anybody out there??

This weekend has me in bed feeling queasy after a very long week of work. I'm a grad student literally thisclose to finishing; alas, my thesis is getting in the way. The upcoming GRE English test has me reading more than I can possibly fit into my brain, Ph.D. applications are due in December--on top of a regular load of classes. 

So what do I do? Honestly, I didn't go for the highlighter and index card pile on my nightstand. I went to Pinterest. 

And I know I'm not alone. C'mon, girls, we know we all do it. Just for a minute. I'll just see what's new. Find a recipe, learn a new DIY trick. And then I'm hooked on that site for hours, mindlessly scrolling my way down into the bottomless pit.

I recently realized that I have now seen five or six weddings that look exactly alike. And you know what? I know exactly where these eager-beaver brides got their mason jar/ bunting garland/ cupcake/ chalkboard sign ideas. And then, these sweet naive acquaintances of mine post their wedding photos on Pinterest. So now everyone has a chalkboard sign and a sad, poignant bouquet of blue mason jars perched on expensive wine barrels covered in doily lace. THIS IS THE SYMPTOM of too much Pinteresting. 

Following my own advice. Getting off Pinterest (at least for tonight), getting back to work, trying to do something original. 


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