Pinterest Etiquette and The No-Good Person Who Stole From Me

Is that title too long? 

Over the weekend, a friend alerted me to the fact that someone had stolen my content and was passing it off as their own. To make matters worse it had gone viral on Pinterest and all other social networking sites through their site which means I lost referrals, revenue, traffic, and everything else that goes along with it. I feel cheated and it sucks big time. (How 'bout them fancy writin' words?)

I can't help that someone stole my idea and then people started Pinning it. The Pinners didn't know it was stolen material.


I feel this needs to be brought up again. 

For those out there that think that it doesn't matter how and where they Pin things... 


It matters to those who put those ideas out there to begin with. 


I love Pinterest. It's great for inspiration. I love it when you Pin my stuff. Just Pin correctly please for everyone's sake. Always try to Pin from the Source. For example, if I talk about a recipe that I found from another blog, use my link to head over to that blog and Pin it there. Not from my blog.

I'm sure I've slipped up and made Pinning mistakes early on too. But now I always try to Pin everything correctly and always give credit in the description.



Others have written about this better than I have. If you want to know more try Googling 'Pinterest Etiquette' you'll find a ton of information. 


Here's one link from Pinterest: 5 Pinterest Tips for Beginners 


Long story short: I was able to make contact with the Admin for the site that stole my Perfect Polish post and my content has been removed from their site. (Their karma will forever be ruined though.) I'll never get back all those Pins though. (For those who Pinned it from their site it now takes you to a different nail post, which I'm guessing is stolen too. The whole site is sketchy.) I filed a copyright complaint through Pinterest of one of the Pins from the sketchy site and it also has been removed. (So if you Pinned from her board it gives you an error.)  


Woof. I feel better now. Time to move on! 

 I'll be back tomorrow with less drama. 

Have a great Wednesday! 


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