Pinterest, party of one

I'm always late to the party.  Half the time I don't even show up, because I either get lost or I lose focus when I see a White Castle.  The Pinterest party is no different.  Okay, so I'm not talking about an actual Pinterest party where people gather and make craft projects.  I'm confident I wouldn't be invited to one of those either, as I'm sure there's something in every one's home owner's insurance policy prohibiting my presence when glue guns are involved.  It's not an unreasonable clause.

Since I'm late to these sorts of things, when everyone was excited about the Pinterest craze and pinning away, I was using my dial up and wondering where everyone in the AOL chat rooms had gone.  (Apparently, they went to prison because Chris Hansen and "To Catch a Predator" put the smack down on them.)

I've just now figured out what Pinterest is all about, and have started following several people, most of which have their AARP membership cards, yet still have a better understanding of the interwebs.  (Interestingly, based upon some of their pins, some also have an in-depth understanding of what was referred to in "Fifty Shades of Grey," but that's another blog post that requires lots of liquor to get through.)

I'm in Austin with my husband for SXSW, which is South by Southwest for those of you not into abbreviations...or acronyms...or awesomeness.  We are here for the movies, and although I have a movie pass, I only enjoy documentaries.  Surprisingly, there aren't many interesting ones this year, which means I've got lots of spare time.  Honestly, I never have spare time, so I'm at a loss as to what to do with it.  I figured I could go for a run, or volunteer at a homeless shelter to keep myself busy.  And then I remembered Pinterest.

I decided to jump onto Pinterest to see what my fellow pinners were up to.  Wow.  I wasn't sorry I did.  It was a gold mine of hilarity; or at least to me it was.  It's not that the items pinned were funny, or that the comments about the pins were funny either.  It's the comments in my head that came when I looked at the pins that brought me to tears. 

I decided to take action.  If people weren't going to write funny comments about a third use for a toilet paper roll, then I would.  It was my calling and I felt compelled to oblige.

So here are some of my pins and comments.  I'm confident Pinterest will kick me off the site at some point, but I'm not sure when.  Until then, I shall pin away!







This next one I couldn't get all in one shot because I'm not computer savvy at all.   Don't judge.  I just figured out Pinterest so cut a girl some slack.  Since I'm good to you, I wanted you to see the full photo, as it's quite important to understand my comment.  Duh.



See?  Now wasn't that super fun?  Actually, it was a real you-know-what trying to figure out how to get all these photos onto this blog.   Hopefully you guys enjoyed these pins and comments. If so, let me know and perhaps I will do some more "sarcastic pinning" in the future.

If you are just dying to see my boards, (my Pinterest boards, you pervs), then you can "follow" me on Pinterest where I'm lisanewlin.  (I know.  My Pinterest name is so incognito.)

But don't follow me in real life.  That's creepy and will just end up leading you to either a donut shop or the liquor store.  I'll just meet you there instead.

Happy pinning!

Lisa Newlin Embarrassing myself so you don't have to. You're welcome.


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