Pioneer Woman – Hi Im the girl who fell over herself talking to you

I scurried into the hall barely holding it together. Turning to the girls I said “I hope you all dont mind if we sit up front(as close as we can get)” We sat down and I couldn’t stop bouncing in my seat. I knew she was coming out any second and I couldn’t flipping wait. We will now relive this day of excitement and embarrassment through crappy cell pics and tweets…


 I warned everyone at the table that my pure giddiness will be embarrassing. Whats a girl to say?


*Tweet Provided by Jayne*

When she opened the conference she was exactly who I thought she was. Who I have connected with for the last two years. She was funny and light and true to herself.




I know its weird but I did – I did tear up. Its a strange thing reading blogs. You get to know this person and their life. And if they have a blog where they share things like tips, recipes or projects you bring those things into your home. They become a household name.

When I started making Ree’s recipes I was a halfway cook. I could follow a recipe and make it taste delicious but there was no imagination there. I followed it to the letter, never feeling like I could change it for fear I would ruin it. She taught me other wise. In her books she is very open to you adapting the recipe and that made my fear slip away. I also learned to get down and dirty with it.

Starting completely from scratch.

It takes twice as long, makes twice the mess but the satisfaction I feel at the end of the meal is amazing! It was like she had given me a gift. Me and my family.


I listened to her whole presentation hold back the urge to hoot and holler like a little girl.



After she was done I went up to the stage to “meet” her.

Nicole snapped this pic…if you look closely you can see me at the stage and her leaning down trying to hear me.


She said she was coming down so I went over to wait – lurk – stalk. I just needed to say thank you.

When she came around I started to tell her. I tried. In my head it went very smoothly and we skipped off into the sunset – bffs for life.

What I am pretty sure happened was me sounding like an idiot going on telling her how much I love her. I say pretty sure because I swear I had this out of body experience where my brain was yelling at me to shut up and walk away but my heart was bouncing out of my chest and her book(which I never asked her to sign) was burning a whole in my purse.

Walking away I was weak in the knees and I had butterflies all day.

I sent this text to my husband:

I laughed. I cried. I gushed. I hugged. I died.

True story.

So Ree, I apologize. I am sure you have little memory of meeting me but I am that blonde who rambled on after your presentation. Thank you for being so kind to me.



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