Pizza Monkey Bread AKA Pizza in a Bad @$$ Pocket

I saw a recipe for Pizza Monkey Bread on Pinterest using refrigerator biscuits, and thought my boys would love it.

There are few things yummier than a Pillsbury Grands Biscuit.  Their pull apart layer by delicious buttery layer goodness can only be surpassed by their scrumdillyosis crescent rolls. 

Few things can bring on the range of emotions that the Pillsbury dough boy can.  From the fear you get as his beady little eyes peer at you from the cart while walking through the store.  To the mounting tension and anxiety you get from trying to open the roll of doughy goodness by pulling the paper around and around, waiting for the POP that you know is coming, but still makes you jump and pee just a little.   There is also the release of frustration you get when you bang the container on the counter because pulling the paper wrapper wasn't enough  to open the can, the anticipation of yummy awesomeness as you pull them apart and place them on a cookie sheet and slide those precious buns in to the oven.  Finally the sigh that escapes you as you bite into its warm pull apart goodness.  But I digress.  Back to the task at hand.  Monkey bread.  So off I go again through the pinterest portal to the Monkey Bread blog and...What the hell?

Its blocked.  OK no worries.

There are lots of descriptive

pictures for this recipe on Pinterest

we will just have to make do with

what we got and go for it.


I start by preparing my ingredients.  I am pretty sure this is subjective, as you can use your favorite toppings.  I used Pepperoni, onion and cheese. 

Now take the first circle out of the roll, and kinda flatten it out a little with your fingers.  then place your ingredients in the center.  I wouldn't use too much if I were you.  Fold it over, so you have what looks kinda like a Pirogi or Pot sticker.  Then place it in your pan.  I chose to use a loaf pan because I was only making 8.  I think in future though I will make them on a cookie sheet, as they don't like to cook all the way through when they are all pressed together,  hence the directions on the package that says to place them a few inches apart DUH.  This will I believe will cut down on cooking time and they should cook more evenly without the gooey spots.  Of course if you choose to put them on a cookie sheet instead, they are no longer Monkey bread.  They have just become Pizza in a Bad Ass Pocket!

Any way back to the monkey bread.  As I said, it was in a loaf pan, and I popped it in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes.


I checked on it after 25 minutes, but they were so NOT cooked through I added another 10 minutes.  Then I checked again, and though they were still not done to my satisfaction I would have to serve them any way, because my hungry monsters were not going to let me get away with any more time.  They were Tasty, and the kids loved them just like I thought they would.  I served them with my home made marinara and WonMotzTons.  (recipes to follow keep checking back)




PIZZA N A BAD ASS POCKET                    SERVES 4


1                 container of refrigerator biscuits

1/4 cup       each pizza toppings

1 Tbs          Italian seasoning

1/2 cup       Mozzarella 



Prepare your toppings, cutting them in fairly small pieces.  Flatten out biscuit dough and place toppings in the center.  Fold over dough ad seal around edges, and place on a baking sheet.  Repeat for remaining biscuits and sprinkle with Italian seasoning.  Cook for 20 minutes or until done.  Serve with Marinara sauce


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