A plan for all seasons


A new infographic from GOOD (a multimedia platform “for people who want to live well and do good”) helps readers buy local produce by showing when ten common fruits and vegetables are in season and where, using six states (Washington, Iowa, Connecticut, California, Colorado, and Georgia.) Called “A Plan for All Seasons,” the infographic was produced in collaboration with Whole Foods and designer Always with Honor

The importance of local food shopping cannot be stressed enough; not only does more money go directly to local farmers (who need it now more than ever), but generic produce travels an average of 1,500 miles to get to your table. Even if it’s organic, the petroleum used up by its trip almost cancels out the produce’s redeeming qualities.

Another article worth checking out on the GOOD Web site is “The Decade in Food.” The story tracks food trends (good, bad, and dangerous), year by year from 2000 until now. Author Peter Smith touches on everything from “farmwashing”—the new favorite marketing toy of major corporations, making mass-produced products seem wholesome and homegrown—to Denmark’s 2003 ban on trans-fats. I love Smith’s list; it’s a rapid read, and the vast scope of topics covered makes it easy to see how food is connected with government, is connected with corporations, is connected with media, etc.

(P.S. How did we all miss the fact that meat and milk from cloned animals was approved for human consumption last year?)

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