The Plan for Laila

I called Laila's worker this morning to find out what the next step is. Even though we have adopted from foster care once before it was much different. Elizabeth was an "emergency placement", meaning the day we met her is the day she came to live with us. Laila's placement with us is more traditional, consisting of pre-placement visits. So far we've only done the "meet and greet". I'm eager to get the ball rolling so I called today to find out what to do now.

The worker asked me what I thought of Laila and if I had talked to our extended family about adopting transracially. We told her everyone was onboard and ready to move forward. She said that Laila's foster mother is now being wishy-washy saying she may want to keep her even though she has made it clear in the past that she did not like her or want her. I'm not sure what is going on with that but the social worker told me that because of the feelings she has expressed about Laila they are moving forward with us and not considering the current foster mom as a permanent placement.

Our next step is a 4 to 5 hour day visit. Then we will do a couple of overnight visits. Our social worker said her plan is to Laila moved into our house by the end of the month! I was so excited when she said those words. In less than a month Laila will be here forever. I can't wait. Let the journey begin!!

Blessed Mommy


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