Plan a Super Date for Super Bowl this Sunday

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that this Sunday is the big Super Bowl game. The 2011 Super Bowl was the most watched program ever – an estimated 111 million people tuned in – and this year will be no exception. This Sunday when the New York Giants face off against the New England Patriots, why not make a super date out of the Super Bowl?

Whether you watch the game with friends, or just you and your partner, here are 5 ideas on how to make this Sunday a super date!

1. The Background

To start, if you need to brush up on your football rules check out the NFL’s guide to football for beginners. This game will be the second time in recent years that the New York Giants battle against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. In Super Bowl XLII (Feb 2008) Eli Manning (the quarterback for the Giants) threw a touchdown pass with 35 seconds remaining to beat the Patriots in one of the greatest upsets in sports history. The wild-card Giants (with a record of 14–6) beat the previously undefeated Patriots (16 – 0) and in doing so, the Giants became the first NFC wild card team to win a Super Bowl. Talk about an exciting game!

2. Food

The key is finger foods – think chips, dip, nachos, chicken wings, pizza. You can even make a batch of chili ahead of time to satisfy the hungrier fans. Don’t forget to add a few healthy options such as a fruit and/or veggie tray.

If you are feeling extra creative, here are some football themed treats you can try to make:

Chocolate nutty mini-football treatsFootball cake popsFootball chocolate covered strawberries


3. Games

Football isn’t the same without a little friendly betting. I’m not saying to bet your life’s savings on the outcome of the game, but a little wager can increase the excitement. Betting doesn’t have to require money either. Get creative and bet on things like who has to clean up from the party, do the dishes for a week, make dinner, do the laundry, give the other person a back massage, etc. There are a ton of things you can bet on besides the winner of the game. Other ideas can be:

  • Who will win the coin toss?
  • Which team will score first?
  • Which team will get the first penalty?
  • Which quarterback will throw the most yards?
  • What will the final score of the game be?

The list can go on and on!

4. Setup

If you are inviting guests over, try to set up two areas. Leave lots of room in the TV room for the die-hard fans, and perhaps keep the food in the kitchen where the we-came-for-the-commericals fans can hang out without talking over the game.

5. Decorations

This year it is easy – both team colours are blue, white and red. You can pick up paper plates, napkins and cups at your local party store to add a little festivity to your family room. As with any football game, dressing to support your team is encouraged :)

Whether you are a sports fan or not, the Super Bowl is an exciting event to watch. The stakes are high, the emotions are up and the fans are loud. It’s hard not to get pulled into the enthusiasm. If that still doesn’t sound like your thing, tune in to the halftime show featuring Madonna, Niki Minaj and LMFAO which should prove entertaining. Either way this Sunday is a great opportunity to spend time with your partner.

Will you watch the Super Bowl? Who are you cheering for?


Ashley and her husband write for Never a Dull Date where their goal is to help you answer the question "What shall we do tonight?" For more date ideas visit


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