Planks After Birth

Before I had kids, I really didn’t know much about exercise.  After I had my kids, I realized that I needed to step my game up on the exercise front.  So I did what most women do after having a baby....crunches and sit ups.  Although it helped somewhat, it did not give me the long lean look I wanted and had before having kids.  I thought I was stuck having a slightly rounded middle section for the rest of my existence.  Little did I know, that did not have to be the case.

One of the reasons Yoga helps new mothers is the amount of planks you do.  Planks target the transverse abdominals, which are the deepest lying abdominal muscles that acts like the girdle to your entire core. These muscles lie horizontally and keep you looking tight in the middle.  These muscles are key to having a flatter tummy, especially after having a baby.  Planks are one of the most easiest exercises you can do and you can do them anywhere.  While watching TV, at the office, at the gym, I mean anywhere.  If you are working towards getting a flat, toned stomach after having kids, the transverse abdominal muscles is the place you should start.  It is essential to start from the inner most muscles and build the strength up and work your way out.

Plank Variations….

Side Planks

Push-up Planks

One-Leg Planks

Plank Extensions alternate which side has to work harder.

Side Plank Extensions throw some flex ion and extension into the side plank.

Plank Up/Downs Throw Extra

It is important to increase your protein intake after birth as well. This will help with the muscle build when doing the plank exercises.  I always suggest planks as the first thing new mothers do because of its simplicity and effectiveness.  I do planks all the time, especially when I am on the floor playing with the kids.  They unfortunately like to jump on me when I am doing them though….but it makes for added weight, which makes it more of a challenge.  And they think it is a game.  It’s a win, win. ;)


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