Planning for success

Yesterday I posted about my struggles with staying on top of my health and fitness. Here are some tips for when you feel like chucking in the towel and giving up on the healthy lifestyle. Fitness. Just do something. I HAVE to workout everyday. Its non-negotiable. I find that this way I will make time for it. I don’t put any pressure on myself as to the intensity of the workout. I just know that I have to fit it in somewhere in my day. If I am having a blah day where I don’t want to do anything then I just go out for a 15 minute walk. Something is always better than nothing, and more often than not once Iget started I can do a bit more than I thought. Have a Plan for your workouts. My week looks like this: Monday – Back & Biceps, Tuesday – Cardio, Wednesday – Chest & Triceps, Thursday – Cardio, Friday – Legs & Shoulders, Saturday – Active Fun / Cardio, Sunday – Active Fun / Cardio. I leave the weekends free to do fun things like bike riding, swimming, hiking etc. If we have a busy weekend then I’ll go for a walk/run or just have a long stretch out. I change my exercises every 6-8 weeks to make sure that I continue to see gains. Enlist a friend. Make plans to do your exercise with a friend, one that you won’t want to let down. Maybe you can head out for a hike or explore a new area on your run to make it more fun. This always brightens up my day when I don’t want to exercise. Always follow up this exercise session with a coffee and a giggle. Nutrition Pinterest! It’s fantastic for getting you excited about healthy food. Finding bloggers who are creating healthy versions of all your favourites. Don’t eat the same old boring food all the time. Get excited and try some new meals. Don’t stress out about having a blow out. It happens. Its not the end of the world. When you start feeling guilty about it. Stop. Tell yourself you enjoyed it at the time. Have a large glass of water and start over. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Start NOW. Plan indulgences every now and then. Don’t let yourself feel too deprived. Ensure you plan a ‘cheat’ meal every now and then so that you can still have the foods you love, and you will be less likely to binge on junk food later on. PROBABLY THE HARDEST BUT MOST IMPORTANT THING: Strive to be happy. Usually, when we overeat it is because of a negative emotion, and we are trying to numb this emotion with food. Fill your life with things you love, and people who treat you right. Try to find a way to cope with these negative emotions that doesn’t involve food. Call a friend for a chat. Go out and do something fun. Look after yourself. I hope these tips are helpful. Have I missed anything? How do you push through when it all feels too hard? Have a great weekend Love Eli

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