Planning Your Wedding Is Important, But So Is Your Marriage!

Married Couple

Planning your wedding is one of the most important events of your life.  It is a day that you both will forever remember.  It will be etched in yor mind! Your wedding should consist of all the things that reflect you.  The friends, relatives and love ones who participate are instrumental in making this a great, wonderful festive occasion.  The theme, music, invitations, color palate, gown, bridal wear, grooms wear, flowers,   decorations,    and time of the venue   all reflect the ambiance that you want to create as you together celebrate your special day.   Regardless as to however large or small it should be a grand, marvelous memorable occasion.

Today weddings vary and are quite different and sometimes diverse.  Some elect to have a large reception immediately after the ceremony; some have a small private wedding and then a large or small reception.  Going to a remote place, a tropical island, beach side, seashore, valley, garden, and winery or on a mountaintop, or some unusual place, or just having a traditional church wedding   is your choice. Others decide to just keep it very quaint private and personal and just have a few close friends and family in attendance.  Whatever you do, please do not get so caught up in the wedding plans that you do not take the time to be mindful of one another.   Yes it is a special day!  A good photographer will capture the essence of your day!   Yes it is all important; but so is your relationship!

The point here is whatever you choose to do make sure that your main focus is the marriage itself.

Many marry and have not really taken any time to plan the marriage. What do you mean?  They have not taken the time to have a candid open discussion as to what happens after the wedding.  It is important to set some priorities!    I know that you know this but as you plan the wedding really keep in mind that after the wedding there is a marriage. Where do we go from here…? 

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